The moment he rushed out of the forest,I have rushed to him,Fly up,An uppercut punched his face in the air!

I remember he beat me like that on the beach!
Xiao Zhu’s body was lifted up by my heavy blow,The power of my punch is incredible,The impact directly took Xiao Zhu away,Then smashed into the grass。
At the moment of that punch,I can see that Xiao Zhu’s lips burst open because of my beating,Splash of blood,The teeth flew out!
I rub!I stared at my fist blankly,I can’t believe this punch was made by me!I knocked him down with one punch!
Chu Hong was also stunned by my blow,She covered her mouth for a long time without speaking,The eyes are filled with amazement:”Zhao Pu,How did you become like this?What have you experienced during this time?Why have you become as cruel and bloodthirsty as them??“
I rub!I thought this critical strike would definitely win her praise,Unexpectedly, she thought I was cruel and bloodthirsty?Where is this??
Chu Hong ignored me again,She hurried into the grass,Help Xiao Zhu who fainted,That guy was really badly beaten by me,My lips are torn,The front teeth are missing a few,Bleeding from my open mouth,Looks very miserable。
Chu Hong shook Xiao Zhu nervously,She carefully looked at Xiao Zhu’s eyelids,For a while I was very frustrated,in fact,The purpose of my trip is nothing more than to tell her,I am safe,I don’t want her to worry about me,I don’t want her to suffer for me。
I thought that after I defeated Xiao Zhu,Chu Hong will applaud me like a hero,I even fantasize about her jumping into my arms,Look at me with admiration and love,I never thought that my punch made her think I was a thug!This turn is too fast,I can’t stop the car!
I’m still standing there,Chu Hong looked back at me,Her expression is very complicated:”What are you standing there doing?You still think things are not messy enough?Since you are okay, hurry up!“Finished saying this,She continued to check on Xiao Zhu’s injuries。
I’m so lost and desperate,But i still don’t give up:”President Chu,I heard your conversation just now,I know,You are following Guo Jinhai for fear that he will destroy the company!I just want to know,What kind of handle does Guo Jinhai have?,Make you so jealous of him?“I can’t help but say what I’m thinking。
Chu Hong heard this,The expression immediately became awe-inspiring,She put down Xiao Zhu,Then walked in front of me:”Zhao Pu,This matter has nothing to do with you,You have to figure it out,You are just a low-level employee,You are not qualified to talk to me about this,You want to know about participating in these housekeeping,Row!After you go back, you can work hard,I will have the opportunity to enter the decision-making level of the company later,Then you have the right to speak,What to say what to say,but,Before that I hope you figure out where you are,Don’t comment on company matters!remember,You are not qualified!“
Speaking of which,She habitually tucked her sideburns again,His eyes became cold and strange,This scene in front of me makes me very heartbroken。
I rub!I didn’t expect Chu Hong to treat me like this!I obviously care about her,She doesn’t appreciate it,But why does it strike me so ironically?Am I really a chopping board for you to chop??
I’m going crazy,Suddenly alert,Chu Hong didn’t want me to know these secrets,Maybe you want me to take care of it,Don’t want me to cause more trouble。
Actually I came here with a hint of fantasy,I want to persuade her to leave Guo Jinhai,Go to the wooden house with me,But now I can’t speak!
Her indifference and determination make it impossible for me to say this,Actually I want to help her,Helplessly she refused to be thousands of miles away。