‘A003:what’s the situation,Is this the bottom person??How was such a person selected?Can represent the earth?Is this a joke??Or that he has completely given up the rights to the earth,Intend to make us an inferior satellite planet?

I knew it,The current federation is a hotbed of corruption,How did they put the interests of our people first?
Anyway these big people,Even if it becomes an attachment to a higher planet,Can still continue to manage our planet。
After all, those higher stars,What is fancy is the researchability of earth species,And the remaining resources。
After they fully develop the earth,Our inferior races have little meaning for survival。
After these higher planets were removed,How do they care how we people continue to survive on a fully developed earth。
Haven’t you heard?’
‘A003:Sirius newsletter just received,AboveXXC22Planet number has been developed by advanced races,The resources available on the planet have been extracted one by one,Completely lost the value of research and reuse。
Then all the bastards evacuated,Go to the next satellite planet where the appeal show failed。
Leaving behind close to 200 million Sirius natives,Starved to death on my own planet。
A planet completely excavated,Will become a complete barren star,If most of the planet’s resources are scarce components and resources,The fate of the race above will be even worse,Because these high-level nations,Not even a piece of land left for these aborigines。
The day they left,Is the day when the whole planet is absorbed……’
‘Unless this race has some rare specialties,Will help higher races。
Whether it’s a housekeeper,Be a thug,Precursor,pet,Detective,Even warrior dead,It’s better than watching my own genocide。’
‘I originally thought that our earth has been given to us by humans,Another humble remote galaxy,Can’t attract the attention of those big people。
‘Who would have thought of a neurosis……’