First71chapter Black Pot Emperor【Ask for recommendation~】

Yep,Needless to say, this reward is Tang Ze’s attention。
Does it look like a composition contest in elementary school?,The source of inspiration comes from this。
How can we justify Tang Ze“part time”on,Sihuayuan Yuehua finally accepted Tang Ze’s suggestion,Finally, this event for the Metropolitan Police Department。
of course,This is also a very good activity,Tang Ze’s works are overwhelming,Don’t be afraid even if it collapses,It would be even better if there are a few good works。
Plan and move,never fail。
In some ways,Tang Ze’s work is very similar to that of Yuehua in Sihuayuan,Think thoroughly before doing things。
Precisely because of this,The two get along very happily as partners。
Tang Ze got a part-time job,And the cost of the manuscript is quite high,With the extra income, Tang Ze is extremely satisfied。
And do it myself,It’s no different from usual,Some of the most explosive cases encountered later,Retell the details to Yuehua at Sihuayuan and let her report it and it’s over。
After signing up for novels here,Tang Ze can wait patiently。
Tang Ze did not spend his rare leisure time,Often go to the training ground to fight with colleagues to strengthen their unarmed fighting skills。
But the peaceful daily life always goes by quickly,After finishing the part-time job,The case immediately broke this calm。
Early next morning,With the arrival of the alarm call,Tang Ze got up from the bed and drove to the scene of the crime in a police car。
——Sorting out the crime scene——
“The deceased was named Tsuchiya Yoshiko,Forty-two years old,It’s the daughter-in-law of the owner of this house, Kikuemon。”