“Yes Liang Qing,At this time you still don’t fight,I’m afraid I won’t have another chance!”

The classmate named Liang Qing finally couldn’t help it,“I know,I understand what you said!But then she has to care about me!”
Of course Liang Qing knows to take the initiative。
Don’t see how he is doing now,Actually when I was in school,Sometimes he will pretend to meet by chance。
It’s a pity that Wang Mengmeng didn’t pay much attention to him,That’s why he is depressed!
He couldn’t tell his friends about this kind of thing,This makes him very frustrated。
Finally he gritted his teeth,Then walked to Qin Feng and Wang Mengmeng and said,“Cute,There are grilled sausages and toasted marshmallows。Didn’t you say that you like to eat roasted marshmallows??”
“Ok?I have no appetite today,Don’t want to eat。”Wang Mengmeng doesn’t have any uncomfortable expressions。After all, in her opinion,Liang Qing is a classmate,So just talk to him in a normal tone。
Although sometimes she thinks Liang Qing is very strange,But didn’t go into it,After all, Liang Qing is more feminine,It’s totally unmatched with the muscle man Wang Mengmeng likes。So Wang Mengmeng didn’t pay attention to Liang Qing at all。
“Cute,It’s a class activity after all,Come and play together to increase the relationship。”Liang Qing is a little bit unwilling。
Wang Mengmeng said,“I have a good relationship with all my classmates。Besides, I really don’t want to move,I just want to touch Qin Feng’s muscles by his side。”After talking about Wang Mengmeng, she still smiled in a jealousy。I don’t care about telling others that I like muscles。
Liang Qing feels a bit bitter。
It’s not that he can’t get some muscles through exercise。But he felt,If you want to get the attention of others in this way,Does that mean,He couldn’t make the other person like him?