“What the hell!Young man,You have been a nurse at such a young age?”

“Ok,Yes old lady,I came from the School of Professional Nursing。”
“Whoops,What do young people think now,I don’t want to take care of the old man and the old lady no matter how much money!Baby, you can’t think about it!”I saw the young man smiling softly,So he asked him to find a room upstairs to live by himself。
“mom!I want Xiaoqian to work in the company!”
“dad!I don’t go to the company,I have my own job。I won’t go to work in the company!”The granddaughter said hurriedly when she heard this。
“Why are you asking me about this??Am i not letting her go?Did i tie her up?The eldest son has three grandchildren,My daughter’s family has two grandchildren,No granddaughter。Just such a youngest girl is a girl!Why are you so anxious to let her go to work??”
“To grandma right”Grandson and grandson all echoed together!
“Not mom,It’s not a problem for her to float like this。”
“Got it,Your daughter achieved economic freedom early,It’s not just doing nothing with me,She wants to be with my old lady,I’m glad too。such,She just put me here,Aren’t you moving the headquarters?,Leave it to her。”
“milk,I do not want。”
“This is not for you,Your brothers have things to do,You have to help do something within your power,”
This is the case,In the evening everyone went home after dinner,I let my little granddaughter go back,Said to go back to the meeting,I ignored them,I just sent them all,I will live my quiet little life,I just read books every day,Make tea,illustration,Go to the cemetery。
Until a week after coming back today,As usual,The granddaughter went out for a relocation,My little meat carer and I came to the cemetery,Today’s cemetery is particularly lively,A group of policemen standing at the Cemetery Hotel,What i thought。
“Xiaofan,Go find out what happened?”The little meat nurse has a name called Yan Fan,Sounds a bit bored,This kid should be hated by his parents!Name Xu Cao!