As the saying goes, knowing a woman is better than a mother,When the three of you walk out of the room,I just saw Ayako with a worried look and Yuanzi comforting her, waiting outside.。

And after watching the three walk out,An atmosphere of conversation and laughter,Ayako couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief。
“Awaited。”Tang Ze looked at Ayako’s hesitant expression,Took her hand and smiled:“Do not worry,We’re all done。”
“Really?”Ayako is overjoyed,Immediately gave a breath:“That’s good.”
“Just reached an agreement temporarily。”Tomoko Suzuki looks at her daughter,Snorted:“If it doesn’t work then.”
Tomoko’s words brought Ayako’s heart down again,Tomoko couldn’t help but roll his eyes out of anger.,“OK OK,If you want to be at ease, just ask your husband。
Originally we just talked about it temporarily,But he is eager to marry you,Prepared a killer secretly。”
“Killer?”Yuanzi’s eyes lit up after hearing this,Can’t help but curious:“What is it?”
“We don’t know。”Suzuki Shiro laughed:“It seems I have to get things done for you as soon as possible,Otherwise, this curiosity will make me feel unbearable。”
“Dont look at me,Temporarily confidential。”
Seeing Yuanzi turn his eyes on himself,Tang Ze quickly opened his mouth to block the other party’s plan,Make the garden uncontrollable“cut”Returned with a grievance。
“Do not worry,Is a surprise。”Seeing Ayako, Tang Ze seemed to speak too,Hurriedly said:“It’s better to see this in person。”
“I’m looking forward to it。”And Ayako didn’t smile softly when Tang Ze said that,Disappointed the garden that wanted to get the answer from Tangze on the old street。