I was careless,If you swagger to give clues,That’s not stupid?

Even if the car is rented,He also covered up the license plate number,I also put on a disguise mask,But be cautious(Counsel)Still be cautious(Counsel)of。
Leave the clues to the terrifying stalker of gin,But Tang Ze is absolutely unacceptable。
People are the top bosses who can recognize the owner based on one hair,And the one reported in his previous life,From the female idol selfie,The reflection of the eyeball is as scary as the boss who finds his address。
Just think,Tang Ze can’t accept it。
So I have to go,This is the safest way。
the other side,Conan as a cute loli,Came to the front of Hirota Yami’s house。
After a knock,Conan found that no one opened the door for himself。
But fortunately his sharp eyes,The key was found under the flower pot next to Hirota Yami’s house,Opened the door and entered the house。
“Miss Hirota Masami?”
After entering the room, Conan shouted,But no one was found,Finally confirmed that the other party is not there,I had to wait patiently in the room。
But he was not idle while waiting,But searched the room,It ended up at a latch behind the desk,Found a key to a rental safe。
“note,Hirota Masami is back。”
Just when Conan was stunned,Tang Ze’s words came from the detective badge,I woke up Conan who was thinking,So as to avoid the fate of Conan being stunned by a knife。
After Hirota Yami enters the house,saw,It is the cute loli holding the key with a confident smile。
“Presumably this is where the 1 billion yuan robbed is stored。”
Before Hirota Masami could speak,Conan is the first to speak out,“If i guess right,You want to give this money to the person behind you who instructs you?
But Miss Hirota Masami,I advise you to give up,Because your wish is destined not to come true,The other party has done a good job of putting the blame on you,And prepare to kill you。”
“who are you?”