Guo Jinhai’s expression on seeing this scene is very complicated,It took a long time to cough a few times,Order to Xiao Zhu:”Xiao Zhu,Go and tie up that woman,Let the man go!“

Several people stared at Guo Jinhai dumbfounded,That guy got up,Patted the dust on the body:”Glasses dog,Don’t get me wrong,I let you go to make you atone for your sins!If you can’t find food before dark, bring it back,We will pay for this woman’s meat!Hahahaha!“Finished,Guo Jinhai suddenly burst into laughter。
Two bodyguards tied up the girl in black with vines,The woman in black glared at her,Tao Tao crosses his hands on his chest,Sneered at the black woman:”**What do you think of me?I think I can’t beat you enough?“
The woman in black also sneered:”Look at you like this,It’s probably also the pet dog raised by this man.?It’s normal for my old lady to be scratched by a dog,Just treat it as tickling!correct,Are you his second wife or third wife??Isn’t it normal??I don’t think you look like a main room like this!“
Tao Tao furious,Waved her a few slaps,I didn’t expect that woman is also tough,She actually flew up,Kick directly on Tao Tao’s belly,Tao Tao screamed in pain,I fell to the ground and rolled over my belly,Woman in black laughs,Dan Feng’s eyes are full of madness!
I can see my heart beating faster,I feel that the future island life will definitely be more exciting。
Chapter Twenty Eight Siskin behind
Guo Jinhai rushed over to hug Tao Tao,Tao Tao burst into tears with pain:”Kim Hae,You quickly kill that watch!You quickly kill her!She kicked me to death!“
Guo Jinhai quickly warmed up and advised Tao Tao,And waved to let Xiao Zhu and the others quickly take away the woman in black,The two dragons dragged the struggling black woman away,All the way, women in black screamed angrily。
The man with glasses sat on the beach with a dazed expression,The hand that bound him has been released,The glasses slipped to the bridge of the nose,The man with glasses pushed his glasses naturally,Try to get up from the beach。
Guo Jinhai helped Tao Tao up,Turn your head to the glasses man:”Are you looking for something to eat?!remember,Can’t find food before dark,I just let my brother and that chick take turnsxi
grelationship!Haha,That scene must be very exciting!“
Depressed man in glasses:”Brother,How much food do I need to get back before you can let her go?“
Guo Jinhai nodded:”You remember me!starting today,You and that little girl are my slaves!You are responsible for finding food to pay off the debt,That little girl is responsible for collecting firewood,If you are obedient,When the search and rescue team arrives,I’ll let you leave。“
The man in glasses was full of ecstasy:”Brother,Is there a search and rescue team??That would be great!“