“What do you mean?”

Conan and Hattori Heiji’s eyes narrowed,Then glanced at each other,I saw the doubt in the other’s eyes。
“Literally,You’ll know when the festival is over。”Tang Ze smiled and said。
“It’s impossible…Tang Ze criminal you…”Hattori Heiji’s voice is a bit dry:“What was found?”
“Is it about the whereabouts of Miss Saori?”Conan can’t sit still after hearing this。
“I also discovered more。”Tang Ze couldn’t help but smile,Then he looked at Conan and said:“You’ll know when the festival is over。”
After Conan and Hattori Heiji heard these words,The heart feels like a knife。
So in the next period of time,The two began to rack their brains to find some clues,But even if they scratched their heads,Still nothing,I can only watch the festival gradually come to an end。
And then,They followed Tang Ze to the shrine。
But when they arrived, they found,Inside the hall of the shrine,The residents of the island are constantly walking towards the house。
It’s Shimabukuro who pretends to be a fate and summoned the residents of the entire island。
“Tang Ze Criminal,What exactly is going on?”Mouri Kogoro watched more and more people,Could not help but wonder:“The residents of the island are here,Is this going to hold a meeting?”
“Yes,That’s it。”Tang Ze nodded and said。
“What is that?Is it possible that something happened to Ms. Saori-san??”As“Old death”Conan immediately had a bad influence。
“Do not,Look there and Ebina Sumi、The woman who sat with Naoko Kuroe,She is Miss Saori。”Tang Ze pointed to the woman sitting in the first row against the right wall and said with a smile。