“Humph!Yes,I also think our class must be at the bottom!”

“Teacher, tell me!How far are we from the penultimate place?!”
”You still have the face to say!Don’t think about it,You were also outstanding,Can’t stand the temptation during the three years of high school!Or what hit!Look at you,Some of them are from Class One!Come from Class 3 or 4 again!Our class,There are also many people who walked out from Class 7!But you came to me from another class!I’m still joking and telling me what the difference is!“
Everyone listened to the teacher’s high-pitched speech!Most of them dropped their heads in shame!
”You are here!not saying!You are not as good as them!One year left!Class 7 is not forever Class 7,Not the end of forever!This is just the last port you docked in high school!Class 7 students,Now most of them are no longer in this class!They can all step out of Class 7!Teacher believes in you,You can also stand on the pier of Qiban and board the undergraduate ship!“
Under the podium,A loud noise!Are talking loudly,We can,We believe we can!
can not tell,This class teacher can play up the atmosphere!
”All right!calm down!“
”this time,The scores of the majority of our class,Relatively low,Needs to be improved,The teacher will set up an exclusive learning direction for you!You only need to cooperate with the teacher,I believe you will pull the score line up!“
”Teacher, you haven’t said,How many are we!“
”How many places do you care??Didn’t you all say the last one?!“
”Ugh“Heard what the teacher said,Everyone is like a discouraged ball。
“This time our class is ranked third!”
Chapter 73 The Results Are Out