The death of the sixteenth son is a major event,Not only Li Tan,Young people have to endure tremendous pressure,It’s just announced that God Qiong will inherit the throne,This son died,This pot of shit is extremely sinister,Stinky。

The most terrible thing is that the enthronement ceremony will be held the next day,The boy didn’t even have time to trace the murderer,Can’t turn around and prevaricate,Seeing that the situation that has just stabilized will become a mess again,This time, the danger is probably the most sinister since the boy became the lord of the Five Elements Palace.。
“Palace Lord,Already checked,Huangfuxiu and Zuo Zhenfeng are not in the queue。”Li Tan leaned in and whispered,His actions are not unpleasant,In the process of juvenile daze,He has quickly investigated the situation,Not only two gods will leave their posts without authorization,And Huang Feng, the general in front of the palace, is gone。
One thousand two hundred and twenty-nine chapters Royal scumbag
“Forget it,No need to check,Go directly to the Shengyang Temple。”Young man,Shook his head with a wry smile,This kind of thing is plainly unclear,If it must be investigated,Is another bloody storm,He doesn’t have so much thought and time。
“But this ceremony……”Li Tan naturally knows the stakes,But under the ceremony, the news of the death of the sixteenth son was announced,It’s a bit shocking,And if it’s not well controlled,I’m afraid there will be a big conflict on the spot。
“It doesn’t matter,Ceremony as usual。”The teenager doesn’t want to be wordy,Hold the emperor sixteen and fly away,Li Tan helpless,I had to follow closely。
Shengyang Temple is the highest position in the imperial palace complex、The most solemn main hall,Ancestor mainland era,The Holy Emperor usually discusses major events in this hall,It’s only rarely used after moving to the free world,At this time, many palace people are busy coming in and out,In order to arrange tomorrow’s succession ceremony,As soon as the teenager arrives,Li Tan then cleared out all the palace people。
Seeing the young man put the body of the sixteenth son on the high throne,Li Tan can’t help it,“Palace Lord,I’m afraid this is wrong。”
“What’s wrong?”The teenager asks。
“The prince is dead,Such placement may cause the royal family to panic,Will also be taken advantage of by those restless forces to find excuses,Something happened。”
“I have already said before,The sixteenth sons inherit the throne,Just talk and count,As for how in the ceremony,That’s another matter,Who dare to take the opportunity to make trouble,Just come。”