“Let it go,There are more important things。”Li Tianchou can’t talk too much on the phone,Fortunately, Peng Weihua is not wordy anymore。After closing the line,Li Tianchou sat quietly in the room,I repeatedly screened the available hands in my mind。

Zhang Wen and You Shilong have not recovered yet,Can’t count on it temporarily,Qi Baozhu is the best player、Ryoko、Broad Bean and Peng Weihua。Zhu Lei、Wenhui、Xiao Liu et al,Li Tianchou doesn’t want them to participate directly,After all, Yuxing has to rely on them for support。And the captain didn’t even think about it。
In terms of manpower, it’s a bit stretched.,But not many people,But the essence,These four people plus Li Tianchou himself are also a very sturdy combination。Everyone has cooperated,Should be very confident,If Zhang Wen and Zhang Wen can return in time,Then the strength will soar a lot。Maybe deal with the oldAAlmost,But getting rid of Wang Fan quickly is no problem。
Next is everyone’s attitude,Zhu Lei’s abnormal performance just now made Li Tianchou unable to understand,Maybe it’s the radical method,Otherwise it’s dangerous。Face big things,It is very troublesome to have different ideas among core members。If you can’t handle it in time,Basically everything will be chaotic,Lose every battle。
In terms of fighting and killing,Fu De has always opposed,Relatively stable performance,But for the majority decision,He generally chooses to passively accept,No big problem。Wenhui’s attitude is relatively relaxed,Not a problem。The rest are basically combative,No need to mobilize。The only thing to do is to make everyone face their opponents,And you must never waver after you decide。
Another thing to consider is the aftermath,But this is a heavy topic,Now that I have made up my mind, I know the consequences,So Li Tianchou is not going to say this in the meeting。
As for external help,Li Tianchou does not intend to refuse,At least Yuan Hua has already started。Compared to Wu Fang,He values Liu Qiang more,After all, the power represented by this person is beyond the reach of any other forces.,Just dig out drug channels through Xue Yikai,Things will be much easier。oldANo matter how much energy,It’s just a shit in front of the state machine。
Chapter Three Hundred and Eighty impulse
I thought about it several times,Li Tianchou felt the depression in his heart gradually dissipated,Replaced by restlessness and heat from the depths of the blood,He punched the coffee table hard,Then got up and went downstairs out of the courtyard。
It’s almost time for dinner,The restaurants are successively in business,The chefs in the back hall are very busy。The captain casually put a piece of rag as an apron to help,Although his face is bitter,But the performance is fairly honest。Li Tianchou didn’t bother him,Go straight upstairs through the back hall。
In the small office on the second floor,Fu De is immersed in his desk writing something,At first sight Li Tianchou,He got up quickly,“Headed,Something?”
“Nothing,come and see。”Li Tianchou motioned to Fu De to sit down,“Arrange a private room later,Jiufen’er Simple Meal。Whoever comes back eats first,No need to wait,Go straight to my room after eating。”
Fu De had already been notified by Zhu Lei,Seeing the master came here personally and emphasized it again,Feel that things are important at night,I want to ask with my mouth open,But Li Tianchou turned around and left without staying much。
The lobby of the lobby is already full of guests coming to eat,Vocals,Very lively,It seems that the chefs Liu Hao invited are really good。Li Tianchou watched Xiao Song’s busy figure,I wanted to say something,Anything is good,But seeing Zhu Lei standing at the door,He changed his mind again,Leave slowly。