I have worry about her heart.,Lu Haokai didn’t say anything.。

The angry snort,Let her have some meaning of Lu Haokai.。
Lu Haokai didn’t say anything,This is what she is more worried.。
Lu Haokai’s temper,It should be that the episode is,It is impossible to leave so silently。
Xu Jinghe heard this,Some worry,After all, this is a trouble.,No one is not just。
“Anan,We want to think other ways,You can have a way to divorce。”
Xu Jingwei looked softly with her face。
Gu Anan nodded,One face is reliabarian,That is more determined before,“I must divorce him as soon as possible.,Then and your light is very big.。”
Now Gu Ai’an,Xu Jinghe has been regarded as his own savior,Own,She finds that as long as this man is around,Nothing is something that can’t be solved。
“it is good!”
Xu Jinghe Herled her,She is inexplicably pleased.。
He said softly:“Anan,I found a few companies that can borrow shares.,It’s just that the other’s interest is higher than other homes.,I will take you to see them this evening.,If you feel suitable,We started to make a coupon。
This will keep your company’s situation。”
Her current qualification,It is very difficult to get a variety of cooperation.。
Gu Yi Lin is deliberately watching Anan jokes。
but,He will not stand by,After all, it is your own woman.。
Gu An An, listening to this,Looking up at him gentle smile,“Jinghe,Nice to have you!”
“hehe”Xu Jing, a smile laughing,Looking at her eyes,“I only know me now.?
His kind,Magnetic and full of。
Finger gently score her chin,For Gu An’an,Is a favor that she has never enjoyed。
Gu An An is shameless.,Two people have together,The lips have just encountered together,I heard the knock on the door.。
Xu Jinghe is a bit unsolved to let go of Gu Ai’an,Sit down on the sofa on the side,Gu An An Shen Sheng:“Come in。”
Her assistant Wang Yan came in,Face is quite dignified。
Gu An’an,Slightly sinking。
“Overall,This day,There are five companies and our company to cancel cooperation.,You look at it。”
The information in the hands of the king is placed on the desk of Gu An’an.。
Gu An An, nodded,“I see,You go out.。”
Wang Assistant nodded,Turned and worried。
“call”Gu Anan has a deep breath of turbidity.,Some headaches,Unpaired anxiety。
She knows that she will face this result.,But I didn’t think so fast。