For things on this,In fact, they don’t understand some.。

For these,Shen Xuan didn’t think。
This little thing can’t be solved.,What did you do when I do Shen Xuan?。
And Shen Xuan,Take a circle,This is only:“Wolf tribe’s header,Has been lost from the sky from the sky。”
This is said,Shen Xuan’s side,The other people are full of shocking。
This is not too exaggerated.,Even more, I can’t believe it.。
“Heaven,The head of the wolf tribe is lost.,That is not dying?”
“Is this still used?,The people of the wolf tribe do not send,Obviously it is also the default.。”
“Did you solve this matter alone??”
This,Many people have said there。
And Shen Xuan,It is a circle,Suddenly said。
“Allocate,Now the wolf tribe,So I decided,Xinya,Wolf tribe,Responsible by you。”
With the finish after Shen Xuan,This,Surrounded by those people brushing。
To know,Xin Ya is just a young girl with a 189th year old.。
She takes the head of the wolf tribe?
And not only,In the future, Xiaolan Village will become more and more developed.。
“Next,I will be a peace of mind.,After that, I will work here.,There are other materials here.,We will be responsible for picking,Then give you profit distribution。”
When Shen Xuan’s words finished,This,Others look at each other。
at this point,Obviously。
“this,Shen Da Ge,I am worried that I am not doing.。”
Xin Ya is full of shock,Wait until she came back,It is said to Shen Xuan。
After all, this matter,In fact, in Xinya looks,Her heart is coming very clearly。
other people,do not know either,Why is good end?,Shen Xuan will arrange Xin Ya to serve as the head of the wolf tribe。
After all, the head of the wolf tribe,Desired,It is a very strong person who is very powerful.。
And Xinya is a girl,Strength,Obviously not so strong。
But Shen Xuan,What is it?,Look around:“If anyone has a courage to bully Xinya,Can try it。”
“my people,Always in the Tianmian Mountain,As long as I order,Immediately you can。”
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Shen Xuan knows,They are still worried now.。
All before all,No one is doing this。
So now,In fact, they feel,Can try it。
“only,Tiger tribe and dragon tribes,Shen Dabo, how do you plan to deal with??”
These two tribes,It is also very powerful in combat power.。
If these two tribes determine the death,So Shenxuan will,It’s really not necessarily。