There is no value in something that touches.。

What’s more?,Miao hand empty,Whozen stealth and other skills,How is more wretched?。
Lin ring is dismissed。
As for these people’s factories,Nothing is what family life。
These are all solved by money。
Lin Rong,Looking for a secluded place to show the sleeper,Take out the wooden beef horse。
After the instant, the wooden beef land is large.,Lin ring,It starts to go to Pingyang Government,It is like a flat place。
Lin ring is very surprised。
Wooden cattle touched,Admire:
“Really wonderful。”
A time after a time,Entering Pingyang Government。
Pick a nearest person。
White lanterns hanging at the door,Cry inside and cry。
I look like that they have received the news.。
Lin rang to take a package of gold to throw it in it。
Gold landing is very moving。
Crying man in the room heard the movement,Come to the door,See a bag,Curious open,See a gold,Immediately wipe your tears,Hold back to the room。
Pick up a bit bite,it is true。
Excited and left tears。
Lin responded to the shackles of the body,Go to the next home.。
I threw gold for these five families,The shackles on the body fade,Lin loudly rode the wooden cattle back to Gui Mountain。
Road,Another shackle。
The temperament under the body is changed.。
If someone is now seen now,Will be exclaimed“A happy person”。
So change,Lin ring is not excited。
Because the shackles are related to Xiao Feng Xianneu。
When he returned to Gui Mountain, he smelled a rich bloody.。
Lin rang jumped down the wooden cattle,I have seen a lot of people who have killed the righteous people.。
A body corpse is noted after the forest,I immediately rushed to him.。
The speed is faster than the result of any gods encountered before.。
Evolutionary version??
Lin loud idea。
《Ruyi》From the sleeve。