Li Hui is a bit wondering from Han Shanshan.。

He doesn’t understand what Han Shan Shan refers to.。
“For example, the village has developed well.,Your own future.,Don’t you want to continue to develop??
There is also your industry in your hands.,I feel too much too messy.。”
Hear Han Shanshan this,Li Hui Feng feels some 懵,He really didn’t think about these。
“Hey-hey,Slowly get slowly after these will be good.,And those people are people I trust.,What error will not be wrong?。”
For Li Hui Feng,Han Shanshan is also a speechless。
“Little plum,I give you a suggestion.,Do you want to listen??”
For Han Shanshan suddenly seriously attitude,Li Hui also is also a,However, he knows Han Shanshan definitely not harm yourself.,At the same time, I also want to listen to the other party.。
Chapter 1,76 is ready to integrate
“Have to listen,I must listen。”
Look at the look of Li Hui Hui hippie,Han Shanshan has some speechless way:“You give me an attitude.,This proposal is also very serious, it is very serious.。”
“I listen carefully.,Just look at you,It’s easy to attract it well.。”
“Little plum,You now, this mouth is getting more and more poor.,So as soon as possible,I feel that you really have to be the sea.,And I have to go back to help me.。”
Although Li Hui’s words,Han Shanshan feels very satisfied,But the words of Li Hui Feng can always feel the meaning of the play.。
“You can don’t,I really have to listen carefully.,You said.!”
Li speaks from the wind and quickly squats his attitude,Then quietly waiting for the suggestion given by Han Shanshan。
Han Shanshan saw that Li Hui Feng finally took out an attitude,She also said directly.。
She proposed suggestions,More is to let Li Hui’s meaning in accordance with her suggestions.。
“Little plum,You are not in your home now.,It should be integrated with your industry when you have a lot of industries.,Otherwise, you will last like this, it is likely to be empty.。”
“Especially your building industry,Those power must be held in mind.,Also I have heard that a lot of bags are not people under your hand.,But you make them money.。”
“The same is true of the industries in the county”Han Shanshan gives Li Anti-style analyst’s future,Also analyze the benefits of Li Hui Rong。
Li Hui has not cared about these,However, it was analyzed by Han Shanshan.,He feels so。
After all, the next vegetable factory,Pharmaceutical factory,Functional beverage factory,These are the size of continuing expansion。
If the person under the hand is too dispersed,He does have some bad control。
Although he has inherited,But inheritance can only represent his personal strength,It does not mean that all the strengths of all everyone are so。
“Hey-hey,Big squad leader,I can’t see you there is such a thing.,I am integrated in these days.?”
“Um,Integration,But don’t be too powerful.,Let others feel resentful,You don’t have to buy others’s heart,Can enter the share cooperation。”
For Han Shanshan this,Li Hui also nodded,Indicate yourself。
Looking at Li Hui has accepted his suggestion,Han Shanshan is also very happy。
The sun gradually rises,Two people talking about smiling, some things in this future。
“All right,After I have passed here, I will pack it.,I will get the production line first.,As for your meeting,I will not participate.。”