This zombie is a neon army.,Due to the stimulation of unconditional surrenders,At the center of concentration battles。

Now,I have come to a native vicious curse.,And watch a series of events on the newspaper,The curse of the other party is also。
The problem is very serious,Liao Jie suspected that there is still a deeper hidden love。
Not his mind and dark,Thinking mode is always conspiracy,But too coincidence,Plus, there is a case of Jiusi School,Let him think that these three things have been associated。
Break island,Give some moth all day,This will be counted,Why didn’t you exhaust you?!
No matter what you do, there is something hammer,I will never be wrong in my a few words.。
“Lawa,I think the situation is very serious.,You should talk about it in the phone yesterday.。”
Liao Jie frown:“Not,I have handled similar cases before.,It is also a suicide,He became a blood circulation zombie,Which day, the ghost door is open,Escape from the underground ghost nest。If you don’t have friends, please contact me in time.,Zombie toxin is spread,The consequences could be disastrous。”
“Also in this kind of thing?”Zhang Lihua is surprised。
Although the HK Island Taoist Association and the police have cooperative relations,But both sides are independent,One is civil organization,One is the official violent mechanism,No one will be responsible for。
Blood-resistant zombie case in deep water,The police were included in the confidential file and sealed,Only the monks who have worked closely with the police know,Such as uncle。
Other monks,That is, Zhang Lihua,I don’t know this.,Little wind did not receive。
Of course,I don’t dare to ask if I received it.,After all, the archives mentioned the name of the ghost expert。
I know this now,Zhang Lihua immediately thought of Liao Jie,Nothing to be behind these two events,More than another hidden love,During the dip, I can also involve a big conspiracy.。
Suddenly,She also thought of the case of the uncle and Liao Jie.,Jiu Ji sent black stone in his hand,It is also an incomparable thing.。
If these three are involved,That is a surprise plot for a layout for many years.。
Long-term silence within the office,Liao Jie is not annoying,Zhang Lihua brows crumpled,Things may exist。
Half a half,Zhang Lihua couldn’t help but more heavy atmosphere in the house.,Transfer the topic laughing:“Yesterday did not explain in the phone yesterday,It’s indeed my wrong,But I am not very convenient at the time.,The funeral of my sister’s pro。”
Your sister’s pro,Not the funeral of your brother?
Liao Jie is speechless,Suddenly,I want to ask a question,Zhang Lihua’s sister is much old this year.,Marriage,Is it a pair of long legs like her。
See the meaning of Liao Jun’s face,Zhang Lihua explained:“Ski sister,I will go to the funeral of his brother.。”
“so it is。”
Liao Jie secretly,Although he called a Layao Jie,But Zhang Lihua is not his sister.,Otherwise, Xiaoxue is also his sister.。
“Lawa,with all due respect,I just saw Xiaoxue,Didn’t see that she is too sad”
Liao Jie said:“You suddenly mention this funeral,It’s hard to be a bury?”
“The bury is indeed a bury,But it is for others,Xiaoxue is my sister,I don’t say much.,This is a mourning,After you see it, you will understand.。”
Zhang Lihua shook his head,Turned over the drawer,Put three pagesA4Paper is placed in front of Liao Jie。
Liao Jie is full of confusion,The more you look, the more you feel,Victims,The funeral of Xiao Xue brother is indeed called the bury。
Small snow brother is called Durlon,Be generous,Frequently helped others practice freedom,Each other chest,To achieve the exercise effect of reinforced thoracic muscles。
because of him,A lot of social youth with a lot of hands,In the case of not spend money to go to the gym,I have received professional and free one-on-one practice.,Sometimes it is more。
The folk wife is old, if it is lonely,Everyone will appear with ear drag,He got up early,hard working,Never complained one sentence。
Eat more and more,More tired,He will also bite his teeth alone.,Use your own thin shoulders,Anti-all heavy。
If you know which neighbor is not fertilized,Dai Earlon Ning Keep yourself,Also try to help each other,Society in this abortion,The enthusiastic person like him is not much.。
Liao Jie:
It’s really good to say.,Isn’t this a slogan rumored?!
“Lawa,Who wrote this,I have a friend,After waiting for him to die, I also want to find this name to Runar.。”
“Don’t talk,Let’s talk about it.。”