The old man is more impatient.,After the end,Make a big step forward。

“Old man,Let me go,I have to tell me what is called Joyce.,What place to live??”
Summary is a little crying。
“You will know if you go.,He will find you in the first time。”
Old 乞丐 Close the bedroom door。
Subsequently left the room quickly,Then I wiped the sweat that did not exist in my forehead.。
“This stinky boy is getting more and more fragile.,More and more bad。”
……Next morning,Summer leave Moss Town,Go straight to the airport。
Cannia does not directly reach the sky。
So you can only get the nearest Bali, Campia first.,Then turn it off。
Sitting on the plane in summer,It is about the information about the church in your mind.。
In fact, from the surface,The sacred church is the smallest country in the world.。
But the four directions of this country also borders four countries,It is a deputy country。
Not only a few big sects of faith holy land,It is also the origin of the four myth system.。
In fact。
These are not important。
Important,The headquarters of the Tissilist Tissue in the Church。
And people in the holy,From all over the world,Composition a parliament。
Surface looks,More like a loose organization。
But through the phenomenon,I will find that the gang is not simple.。
Just like the legendary collections,Also, the surface is loose,But internal structural strict alliance。
The members inside are not officials are super rich,Form a interest alliance,Once it is running,Ability to affect the world。
The same is the same。
Just even more secure。
In addition to the holy teaching,Tibetan Dragon is also hidden,Many masters。
These masters are not the people of the country,Most people from some old family,Even the ancient martial arts of Huaxia。
Although these people don’t know that there is an organization such as a holy,But it is sent here to this family。
Sometimes the environment is formed so。
Long time,I can often see someone in the temple.,Even all kinds of abilities。
Local residents have already seen this soon.。
When the summer turn came to the Church State,I have been waiting for a long time.。
Then confused。
Nothing to pick up the plane。
This makes the summer brow more。
Be unable to,He had to stop a taxi to go to the city。
Although this country is not large,But the city is very prosperous and prosperous。
Street on the street,Bustling,More strange is,All the way,In the summer, I haven’t seen any high-rise buildings.。