“I was also weird before,Puzzled。Now finally understand,If he is really a fairy,It couldn’t be easier to erase a memory of those people!”

He Rongsheng and Guo Yingdong looked at each other,Guo Yingdong said helplessly:“Immortal methods are beyond imagination!”
“It seems we http://www.xssbq.cn want to see the fairy,Only wait for the 30-year appointment in three weeks!”
This suddenly aroused Chen Xiu’s curiosity。
“Guo Lao,What’s in the box that the fairy gave you?”
“do not know,I never opened!”
“Really never opened?”
Chen Xiu can’t believe it,If you change it for your own custody, you can’t help but have a peek,Take a peek at what is hidden inside。
“Don’t say it’s a fairy thing,Is what ordinary people entrusted to me,If I promised others not to watch,I will keep my promise!”
Chen Xiu was once again impressed by Guo Yingdong’s character,But still a little unwilling,Suggest to say:“Guo Lao,Actually there are many advanced technologies,rather sayXLight……”
“That’s just a steal,Even if the fairy doesn’t know,I can’t pass my conscience。”
Chen Xiu still wants to persuade,But Guo Yingdong has his own insistence,No matter how clever Chen Xiu is, it http://www.yikexi.cn will be of no avail。