Zombie strikes the door to rush out of the house,Liao Jie bite a teeth,Run back in the house with the original window。
“Nine uncles,If you are talking about the instrument,Don’t you say anything else?!”
Liao Jie is flexible,Round coil with a zombie house,After a few times,The door changed to the window is getting better and spacious.。
This is very bad,Waiting for this wall,Two doors become a door,He didn’t get around it.。
critical moment,Liao Jie does not think,唰唰唰 Throw out the money sword,Footsteps quickly ran towards nine uncle。
No matter what the nine uncle is in the opening of the hour,He can’t support it.。
Well, a few money swords,Zombie eats a long wisdom,Not dare to hard,Side jump next to it,Step on the foot,Fall around the two blacks。
the other side,Liao Jie quickly rushed to the nine uncle house,Flying a foot to break,See the nine uncles lying in bed,When you are angry。
He is zombies outside,Remove the window and remove the window,The situation is still dangerous than the Qin Wang in the year.,As a result, this guy actually slept in the house.,I still sleep so incense.。
It is deliberately!
Anger from the heart,Disgusting born born。
Liao Jie grabs the collar of Nine Uncle,A slap in the past,Head in his ear:“Zombie is outside the door,Life and death,When do you want to sleep??”
Although this slap is not used to use the skill of the iron sand palm,But the strength is really not to say,Nine uncle, I woke up。
who I am,where am I,what happened?
Nine uncle,耳 嗡,The sight cannot be focused on Liao Jun’s face,Saving a few heads or dizzy。
“Thank you,Nine uncle, you finally woke up。”
Liao Jie grabbed nine uncle shoulders,Shake:“How to call you, don’t wake up,I am frightened me。”
“When did you call me?,I am obvious to sit,How to fall asleep?”
“Nine uncles,Don’t say this,Ren Lao Zai zed to zombies,Hurry!”
“what!Ren Lao is running out!?”
Nine uncle heard,Dead jumping from the bed,Because dizzy,At the foot of unstable, I fell directly on the ground.。
“What happened to Nine Uncle?,Haven’t I woke up yet??”
Liao Jie is big,Hurred him up,Prayer, don’t be broken by yourself.。
“Do not,wrong,My body”
Nine uncle takes a sigh of breath,Sir, shake your head,And point to vertical front,Biting the pointed empty symphony,The last point is in your own eyebrows。