Let it unable to release the chaos in a short time。

Chance!Summer eyes become bright,Two dense light。
Hand again print again,I play a mysterious rune mark,Dotted 光 闪。
Black fire burning,Black water splash。
finally,All imprints into a black magic dragon。
Summer hands,Black Magic Dragon is shocked by the chaotic king。
“boom”Targeting, hit it on it。
“Leather……”The chaotic king issued a painful roaring roar,The whole body is like being covered with a black flame,In constantly ablation of its energy。
It seems that the power of this black magic dragon,More than the nine ancient words。
Summer eyes become more bright。
Continue printing,Continuous printing。
A black magic dragon that is one-headed。
The body of the body of the chaotic king can be melted。
It’s another three days and three nights.。
The king of chaos has become half a http://www.yodei.cn feet.,Like a mini beast,It seems to be a bit cute。
But this is never beautiful.。
Each roaring is awkward,Contains grievances and violence。
Body table burning black flame,A pair of eyes stare at the summer,Flooding unable to describe cruel。
“Boy,Wait for me to get free up seal,We want you thousands of knives,Take your soul town to kill for 3,000 years!”
It actually speaking。
Sounds,Like a ghost,Let people hate the bottom,More cold and ruthless。
“If your strength is strong,Maybe it’s really able to kill me.,but now,You are still far away!”
boom!Its body is burst of pound of energy,The black flame covering the body table is destroyed in an instant.。
Summer does not speak,Still continuous printing,I played a mysterious mark,Call out a black dragon。
But he feels his spiritual power,Already reached the http://www.yihu520.cn extent of exhaustion,The whole person’s spirit is weak。
And his handprint is getting slower and slower.,Maybe not used long?,Psychotics cannot be maintained。
After each Black Dragon is impacted,They are pressed by the king of chaos with a pound of the face energy.。
In the outside world,Occurs all the spatial nodes that have already been restored,Take a variety of dramatic。