NS19chapter reward

This suspected black fabric,Only slap size。Above with dirty blood,Perhaps from the sideway,Also allow from other existence。
The things in the blood in that case,Drop it out of the transfer of Su Chen,This item naturally does not ordinary。
In fact, the wrapped corpse was thrown out.,Su Chen found it unusual。
Because his feelings are completely unable to explore the body。
In the case of an exploration,Su Chen makes a http://www.renlw.cn decision,He will wrap the body in the ground,A food finger is wrapped in the corpse。
Green black nails crazy grow,Come half a feet,There is a converging end of the ultimate demon,Nail scooting on the ground,Hard and infecting the magic ground,Like tofu is cut,Leave long gap。
Then the nails scored on the edge of the wrass。
The result is not unexpected.。
The fabric is really unusual。
The sharp pointer of the sharp nails did not leave a scratch on the bladder.。Next,Nail tip draws a flame,Fuel with demon gas,Temperature climbing into an unimaginable level,The entire stone cave becomes a stove in an instant。
Flame attempt to ignite。
But how to burn flame,Wrapped the corpse still has no changes。
Instead, Su Chen can feel the energy of the flame is fast and the body is absorbed.,Su Chen immediately blocked http://www.lyrxjf.cn the transport of the demon,The flame is flying quickly,The temperature of the stone cave also drops sharply,Back to previous level。
Subsequently, Su Tuchen has shown many spells on the body.,No exception,The attacks of these techniques are detained by the corpse。
Its material is not destroyed,Also absorb various god channel energy,Only rely on these two characteristics,It is difficult to estimate the value。
However, Su Chen does not think that the body is not destroyed.,Because he noticed the edge of the wrapped corpse,Broken trace,It may be just a full wrapped crushed material。
Su Chen is hard to imagine,What kind of power is?,Can break the body。
As a result,The mystery of blood,In his heart, it improved a grade.。He recalls the giant insects of the avatar,No face,Only one giant。
Light is a huge volume,http://www.cndscf.cnI am afraid I can have a medium-sized practice door.。
Fortunately, there is a giant insect attracting firepower,The others are afraid that they can’t find Montenegro.。More than half will think that Emei sent people all over the army in the giant belly。
Su Tu also spent a lot of time on the corpse,No way to use the clothing。He even doubts,Real use of the body,It is used to wrap the body。
But what kind of body wrapped, it’s not good.。
Even if you can’t use a device to use,For Su Tu,It still has other uses。After all, it seems to be,It is neither afraid of the weapon,Can also absorb the attack of God-channel surgery,Stay in the body,Absolutely can be used as a good base card。
He can still recall the notes of wake up giant insects in his mind.。
Su Chen is gentle,Facing a weird。Because the pronunciation of the note is very strange,Normal human deconstruction can’t send such a note。
It’s not normal.。
This is so,Taking the strange note in his big demon,Some look。He tried it once,Stop。
Then observe your body,Some slight damage。
The tricks are active for giant insects.,Suizu is still used in a short half.。He just remembers,Be used as a back hand。
The rest of the harvest is the mouth of the blood。
This piece of mouth is just a hard work,And the opening is very strange。The cultivation of the practice does not start from the fantasy of the human body,Instead, I came out of myself. I had a dark universe.,Finally, look at luck and light a star。
From then on, you can use the star.,Get an alien。
to be exact,People who cultivate this work,Will not refine the mana from oneself,But practice through practice,Get strength from the idea of the stars。This force can be used directly,No need to walk, refining、Refining the process of refining。
But there is no mention of how to point up the stars in the practice.。
In the description of the practice,The power from the stars call the heterogeneity,Some can move the mountain,Some people can live with human beef bones,Some can change,Some can make your own knife guns、Water is not invaded。