But the golden light is invincible,Directly into the head of the fire dragon。

“boom~”Sparks flying in the sky,In the incredible eyes of the top killer blood pupil,The fire dragon that her pair of short swords turned into was instantly defeated。Two daggers are throwing away,And the tip of the gun has appeared in front of her。
“Qian~”At the moment of life and death,Under intense fear,The speed of the blood pupil’s right hand increased incredibly,Shot on the side of Li Ming’s spear。
“Humph~”Hum,Xuetong’s jade-white right hand was directly torn apart by this gun,But the blood pupil also took this opportunity to get away。And those bloody pupils are also full of fear。
“It seems,Ordinary world master Tier 3 is not enough for me!”Li Ming sighed slightly,Of course he knows,This is because the assassin’s perception of the law is still very shallow,To the standard of Tongtianqiao,Barely counted as the seventh floor。
Perception of this law,Compared with the fourteenth floor of Li Mingtong Sky Bridge,The power gap brought by the realm is probably a hundred times。
and so,Only one shot of Li Ming can defeat her under the suppression http://www.tal-intal.cn of the power of the world—After all, Li Ming’s genes could have been comparable to domain master level six and seven,There is also a difference of about a hundred times between the power of the world master level 3。
Plus the advantage of weapons,Only then did Li Ming assassinate his flying sword with a single blow to defeat him。
If the law of the blood pupil is further understood,Or the gene can raise one level,I’m afraid I can fight Li Ming head-on。
And on the other side,Blood pupil looked at the right arm that was gradually recovering,But my heart is full of fear。Obviously a master warrior,But defeated her, a world master level 3 master。She has never heard of such a situation。
In her knowledge,Maybe those specially trained in the Shenwu Temple,The geniuses at the top of the great warrior,Can compete with the master http://www.jzessz.cn master,But the top of the master master,But it is impossible to be with the saint(Lord)Level of competition。
The gap between the saint and the master,Just as huge as the sky。
But the seemingly ordinary master in front of him,But a single shot smashed her attack head-on,Also hurt her。
of course,Blood pupil still has the power to fight,But her confidence completely collapsed。
“Elder Bloodshot in Killer Tower,You can be worth 80,000 merits on the black list。。。。”Li Ming holding a gun,Step by step approach。