Qin Xiaomin glanced at Xia Jian,Hurriedly got into the quilt。Xia Jian turned off the lights in the house,Then touched the bed。When he got into the quilt,I feel Qin Xiaomin’s body has been afraid of him shrinking inward。

In order not to embarrass Qin Xiaomin,Xia Jian sleeps on the side of the bed as much as possible。But not long,Just listen to Qin Xiaomin http://www.hecheng580.cn whispering:“Xia Jian!I’m a little cold”
Xia Jianyi listen,Then quickly turned around,Hugged Qin Xiaomin tightly in his arms。
Because of drinking,Xia Jian hugged Qin Xiaomin and slept until nine o’clock in the morning。If it wasn’t for the coal in the coal stove,,The temperature inside the house drops。Xia Jian really doesn’t want to get up。
The most afraid of getting up in winter。Because I want to leave the warm bed,Who changed this,No one wants to do it。But people live more than sleep,Because there are so many things to do。
a,Xia Jian went to the bathroom first,Then open the door of each room,Checked everything in the house,After discovering nothing unusual,Then I locked the door。
When he returns to the room,I found that Qin Xiaomin had packed up。Xia Jian thought for a while,Go and put a stick of incense on Zhao Hong,Then I took Qin Xiaomin to the village committee。
In the office of the village committee,Only Ma Yan sat at the desk in a daze。Xia Jian walked in,Put the key of his house in front of Ma Yan,Then smiled and said:“I’m leaving,When my home is free,You help watch”
“Ok!Drive carefully on the road”Ma Yanqiang put on a smile,Xia Jian can still see this。
After going downstairs,He hurriedly opened the car door,Wait for Qin Xiaomin to get in the car,He quickly drove out of the Xiping Village Committee。Along the way,He is really afraid of meeting acquaintances。But he is lucky,From the village http://www.zbqqgjk.cn committee to the village entrance,I haven’t hit a child。
Xia Jian drove the car fast,I arrived in Pingyang Town in a few minutes。He hesitated and said to Qin Xiaomin:“I want to visit Donglin Township”
“Whatever you like,What i want to tell you is,I have to go back to the provincial capital the day after tomorrow,Otherwise, they will resign me”Qin Xiaomin said,Take a long breath。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“Wouldn’t it be better to resign,My company just lacks a vice president”