Wang Shengman,Turnd,Happy and jumping,“Really? Summer brother,I will pick me my mother now.?”

“Night dream more,Going right now。”
“Can,But I don’t know where the mother is in the mine.,I only know that the distance is far away.……”Summer smiles and touch her head,“Do not worry,I know。”
Wang Shengman once again stunned,“you,How did you know?”
“I asked the Zhengbaixonghui meeting, Liu Zhengtong。”
……at the same time。
After the five sentences law enforcement left Zhangjia,Continue to patrol the original plan。
One of them,“Big brother,That young man is not simple,You also know,I know a secret surgery,That young man’s bone age is 25 years old……”Fall into the voice,The other four come out of the horror。
“Xiongkun,You didn’t see it wrong?”
The man named Xiongkun is awkward,“I hope it is wrong.,I have seen it several times.。”
“Click one’s tongue,A young woman in a twentieth year,When a knife, I fate.。”
“Yes,Zhang Luo Yan once in Lei City,Unlike those who are competent,Really hard and power。”
“Will not be a cross Jianglong?”
“Is it a river?,but I know,Yuncheng is going to be lively。”
Another person smiled,“He is redemption,Wang Lin and Qi Lin did this year called Shanghai Double arrogance?,If it is not pitted,Will not owe the giant debt。”
“Yes,These two people recover free body……嘿嘿 嘿,Maybe there is no lively。”
NS3615chapter Wang Lin couple
“Truthful、Truthful、when……”Mineral,Mars splash。
Wang Lin, waving 矿 镐,It was also in vain,Arms of the arms。
A ore with only baby fists is finally knocked down.。
Change from home,He and his wife were sealed.,Send it to this mine to do hardship。
Century,Almost no day, night is within this mine,Lady with hard to horror ore。
Wang Lin did not give up,Not desperate。
Because he believes his big daughter,Mailbean。
What is a hundred years?,Is a thousand years,Their husband and wife can stand down。
Only one thing,It is a little daughter.。
Since the five years old were sent away,I have never seen it.,I don’t know how it is good now.。
Perhaps his prayer has been induced in meditation.,Just at this time,Shouting of the unity of the mineral supervisor outside。
“Wang Lin,Qilin,come out,Your daughter is coming to see you.。”
what!!Wang Lin body shaped,Opless,The minelet is thrown into the outside。
Just rushing out your own stone room,The oblique stone room also rushed out of a woman。