Han River in Tianhekou,Water flow is very gentle,Easy to fight in this place。Duan Chang is from Jin Yang.,Unhappy,http://www.yjhsuji.cnI don’t know if the water war is actually different.。

Since the three countries,The use of various water war tactics has been mature,There are several forms。
The first,Also used up to,Aspiration,But“Frontier”。
The battle between the two sides with a hook lock to the ship’s festival,Then the short soldier,Take the power of the other party。Therefore, the big boats that often use the landscape.,Because you can get the arrow,The soldiers between the two sides are competing and competing,Can kill enemy。
When a shipment is most, you can carry hundreds or even more soldiers.,It can be described as the infantry array that moves on the water.。
The second is when Qijiji brokerage,Wide application,Even the winner of the decision of the water battle。
So it can be seen from the simple things above.,One will understand the water battle,Another unknown,What are the two people?,character,The character is the same,The water army under the hand is exactly the same,Really play,The effect is absolutely different。
Duan Yu and Wang Lin directed the same water force battle,The former will be hanging on the water in the latter is also a very deep study.,Need a lot of practical experience and knowledge reserves,It is not possible to ride a horse.。
At this moment,Alhengguo is on the Hanjiang River in Tianhekou,Discover your own“Water army”,Booted by a huge and majestic water army
The other party has a huge logo,More than yourself,It looks extremely terrible。
But did not strand in the river
This shows that the other’s ship type is very exquisite
Although Gao Gui Yan did not understand the water,But it is still very eye-catching.。
He won the Hou Hao’s ship today.,The soldiers have not drilled,Can drive boats on the river,Keep loose form,Already quite rare。
It can be said that it is supernormal.。
Now we have to fight with the other side,Use a sentence to say,Just call“Do you also??”
“quick,The vessel is close to the left bank,There are ferments over there,All-http://www.wjtx8.cn in-one,Go on the shore,It is our battlefield.。”
Gao Guohe is very calm,And I haven’t played yet.。
His this time“Turn into”,Let yourself end successfully returned to Yucheng,If you want to take it at this timeX,Be almost certain,He is the 10,000 banned army will definitely cover the whole army.
People who will swim in the North will not be more,Not don’t say that everyone is wearing leather armor one by one.,I don’t know how to die at the time.,The water will become a stone to the lowermost
Alhengguo’s flagship is a horse,The rest of the vessel is connected in turn.,Different boats are crowded together,Very confusion。
Boat is not better than the ground,Alhenggui’s experience is useless,After he was on the shore,Discovery the other party’s water army。
Like a group of parent lions in hunting,Run the flock together,Then be hunting
http://www.canyinb.cnBoat began to hit its own boat
It is clear,The other party does not want to change due to wind direction,Use fire to attack the ditch。They use a very robust to use the inertia of the vessel,Split the vessel here。
Most of those who are banned in the city,After being hit,Don’t say pick up the weapon.,They can stand firm, they have to smile.,One by one runs towards the Duo Shoukou Bridge。
There is no courage to fight against the opponent.。
Knowing,Other ways,Change it to you,Don’t you run??Stay on the boat for the New Year?
“Let my handsome flags,Gathering”
Even if you are nothing to defeat,Gao Gui Yan is still cool ordered。
Departure“high”Shuai flag of the word,soon,Those who panicked the army,I saw the handsome flag and slowly gathered.