The first moon sample reveals: No. 5 landing area or many volcanic eruptions

Original title: The first moon sample reveals: 嫦娥 No. 5 landing area or many volcano eruption "嫦娥 五" The first moon sample is to reveal what mysteries in the moon? On December 13, the Zikinshan Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences was released. The study of Xu Weizhen and its planethematically research team jointly found that the moon sample was found, and the sample contains extremely high titanium iron ore content. High titanium.

  Previously, other domestic research teams found low titanium, medium titanium martial arts type in the No. 5 moon sample.

In combination with this study, scholars speculate that the ball is in the landing area of ??Chang’e or many volcanic eruptions.

The results were published in the near future on the English version of my country ‘s comprehensive academic journal.

  Ultimate titanium iron ore content in the moon sample December 17, 2020, Chang’e No. 5 returns carried 1731 m moon samples successfully returned to the ground, the first time I realized my country’s genus sampling returned.

  Zikinshan Observatory, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, is one of the first 13 scientific research institutions who have obtained moon research samples. Researchers Xu Weizhen were approved as a total of 15 mg of moon moonbuyan samples using the responsible person.

  "The collected moon sample is the monthly basalt, which is mainly distributed in the positive basins of the moon, which may be from 100 kilometers to 400 kilometers deep melting formation." Xu Weizhen is also the telecommunication author of this paper. He introduced that the research team uses high-resolution microscopic CT, scanning electron microscopy, electronic probe, etc., for detailed mineralogue and three-dimensional imaging imaging. The results show that the sample belongs to the moon volcanic basalt, with fine granules – medium-grained column-green structure. A small amount of olivhetine is distributed in a matrix consisting of pelicite, oblique graft, titanium iron ore and other deputy minerals.

The primary composition of the chemical composition and evolution trend of mineral glow is highly consistent with the high titanium martial arts type retrieved by the Apollo Plan and the Soviet Union Plan. Xu Weizhen said that the sample contains extremely high titanium iron ore content, with a percentage of volume, abundance approaches the highest value of 18 vol% of the moonbowl of the US Apollo plans to retrieve.

  In order to study the source of moon volcano magma, the menstruation composition provides clues "High titanium Xuanwuyan is very rare. At present, there is basically no high titanium in all collected moonlight meters.

Because the titanium iron ore is in the shallow moon, it is generally distributed below the area of ??the moon, and the basalt is the moon, the moon material produced by high temperature melting, the magma produced from the melt, and the cooling is solid after cooling. Rock, so the titanium content in basalt should be very low. "Xu Weizhen explained, the reason why high titanium, there is a hypothesis that the titanium ore is a heavy weight, causing the heavy heavy gravity unstable structure of the mantle, and the titanium iron mine will be overlate. The mantle, after melt, sprayed with the magma, and then "blocked" in basalt after cooling.

  "This situation does not usually happen, this shows that the moonlight may have a flipping in the No. 5, which will have high titanium.

Xu Weizhen believes.

  In this sample, researchers have also found that the content of% of phosphate minerals, "phosphate minerals are generally rich in rare earth elements, and also contain radioactive heat generation elements, such as ruthenium and uranium, these elements are the energy source of basalt .

Xu Weizhen said. It is worth paying attention to the previous domestic research team released, and the low titanium, the medium-titanium, the moonbowl of the sea is found in the moon sample collected in Chang’e, "the magma spurred at the same place from The same area of ??the moon, this area has previously discovered low titanium, medium titanium, this time I found a relatively rare and rare earth element of high titanium, the high-titanium, which shows at least at least the history of the No. 5 landing area. 3 times have taken place, it is very likely that many volcanic eruption activities, and also shows that the chemical composition of the moon source area is uneven. "Xu Weizhen said that this provides an important clue for the evolution of the moon." The study found that we are more curious, in the late stage of the current moon evolution, why there are so many magma, the heat source inside the moon is from the inside of the moon where.

"Xu Weizhen believes that high-titanous minks will be expected to interpret different substances in the source area, the energy source of volcanic magma and the fine spatial distribution law of the moon late volcanic activity, follow-up to deepen research work is in progress.

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