Yang Zhan: Guide students "to deduct the first button of life"

Original title: Yang Zhan: Guide students "to deduct the first table of life" "We want to guide students ‘first diet’, recognize the responsibility of contemporary college students, establish new struggles, complete from high school students to college students The transformation becomes a talent that the country needs.

"Professor Yang Zhi’an, the Standing Committee of the Party Committee of the Liaoning University, is led by the team, and preparing to give the new" Thoughts Package ".

  After the new students started every year, the school will provide a book "starting point", which design new Raiders, school sea introduction, teaching teacher, scientific research pioneer, job preview, etc., guide students to learn about Liaoning University The school spirit, understand the teacher and research direction. Yang Zhan said that this work has been continued for many years and will be updated each year.

  The Marxist College is a "golden signboard" in the Liaoning University. Every year, the first class of new students enrollment, the teacher’s thoughts are deeply interactive, and they will have a deep impression on the new life.

In order to celebrate the party history of the party, the party history of the party, to establish a new ideal belief, establish the correct world view, outlook on life, and values. For these work, schools have given comprehensive support in publicity.

Yang Zhan said that the school also pays special attention to the guidance of campus culture, such as organizing Ginkgo Festival, reading festival, science and technology festival, cultural festival, photography festival, etc., the platform allows students to feel the university culture, express the love of love. Education guidance should be subtilized, "courses thinking" is the best grip.

Adhering to the educational concept of "Everyone is the ideological and educated", Liaoning University implements the "Course Thinking Construction Project."

Yang Zhan took the lead in the preaching. When taking financial education related courses, Yang Zhuan is guided by the case, and the "thoughtful course" is created. At present, there have been more than 100 courses in Liaoning University to become "courses" demonstration class. Students are learning the knowledge and improving the capabilities of "learning the skills, building a country".

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