World Phase

Figure / He Tongwen / Tian Wei On December 6th, the acrobatic ballet "Swan Lake" created by Xi Xi Warrior Warrior Baggi Anti-Troupe, as the 7th Silk Road International Art Festival Closing Performance Out of Sophie The People’s Theater is wonderful.

With the wonderful music of Coochovski, the scenery slowly opened, a light "white swan" danced on the shoulders of the "Prince", a classic love story throughout the East and the West with acrobatic ballet Show in front of people. On the stage, "Swan" is elegant and lightly in the lake; the empty bamboo in Chang’an City, the shake bar is very lively; the four small frogs danced in the hands of the hand; the eagle old nest will throw fluorescence flashing; small black eagle The drill circle troneum … Required version of the acrobatic ballet "Swan Lake" not only added the "Silk Road" "Datang Changan" and other Shaanxi elements, let this Western classic literary work glow in Shaanxi charm. In addition, the drama also retains the classic high difficult acrobatic skills such as "Ballet", "Men’s Hand", "Men’s Hand", "Women’s Soft", "Collective Team". On this basis, it integrates a variety of art categories such as magic, funny clowns, so that the whole department has the elegance of Western ballet, and there is a thrilling and magic of Oriental acrobatics.

Xi’an warriors from the West play circus banners Sun Yi Na as the female lead, "White Swan" in the corner of "Swan Lake", she bluntly that he is lucky. Originally a ballet dancer at the age of 14 she became an acrobat in transition.

Since then, training has become a required course for every day Son Ye Na, down over many years, Sun Yi Na also came to an injury, but she never thought of giving up. If we say that Son Ye Na transition from a ballet dancer when acrobats are "halfway decent", then for the play the male lead, "Prince" Zhou Jie, there is no basis for a little ballet, he is truly a "layman." In 2011, Zhou Jie from the famous "hometown of acrobatics," Wuqiao Acrobatic Art School and later graduated to Xi’an, became a professional acrobat.

"For acrobat injury it is a very common thing, and I too love this arena, and stand in the spotlight every time you feel there is a mission, especially applause from the audience, that is actors on stage sure. At that moment, I think everything is worth it. " Son Ye Na said. Recalled his own time on campus for six years, Zhou Jie admitted that in addition to eating and sleeping at school, will basically stay in the martial arts practice. "I impressed the winter training time, although martial arts room has heating, but because the area is too big or very cold inside, every time I had finished a set of actions vest is wet, I’ll run the rest of the gap Heating to warm to the front. "

Zhou Jie said the training conditions that would be a far better now, but in those conditions also persevered.

When he learned that they have to play "Swan Lake" in "Prince" corner, Zhou Jie heart is disturbed.

"I have a good ballet acrobat can jump it?" The hearts of the doubt led to his first rehearsal at the first time out of shape, start to finish know what to do.

But soon, Zhou Jie adjust the attitude, in order to integrate into the role as soon as possible, Zhou Jie will follow a free video where action learning ballet dancer, his partner Sun Yi Na also became his teacher in ballet aspects of learning. "Sun teacher is very professional, I made rapid progress under her guidance." Whether in life or on the stage, Sun Yi Na is a "perfectionist."

Each set of actions, each demeanor, she will strive to achieve perfection. To this end, Sun Yi Na moments of his body in the best condition, weight strictly controlled in less than 90 pounds, even if only half a catty fat, this is "fatal" blow to Sun Yi Na is. "I need to perform without the aid of any external forces, toes on the partner’s shoulder only hand-sized dance, spin, my weight as long as there is a little change, my partner is likely to bear my weight cause performance failure, I will not allow this to happen. " Son Ye Na said.

"Ballet shoulders" as the biggest highlight of this drama, has become the biggest test of skills acrobat performances.

This action requires Son Ye Na toes stand on the shoulders and head Zhou Jie partner do 180-degree rotation, which requires precise time settled Son Ye Na, smooth and powerful when Zhou Jie lifts. A throw a pick, a Proton jumped, seemingly exciting, romantic fantasy, but in fact contains two excellent professionalism and tacit understanding. As the "white swan" solid "base", Zhou Jie shoulder being worn layer further layer of skin, has formed a thick layer of the cocoon. In order to have sufficient force to prop partner lifted, Zhou Jie of the trapezius, levator scapula and other developed shoulder muscles need to turn out to be enough. "There is no short cut is to get to practice and work hard, I will run five kilometers every morning step.

If you have a day of training, then, in order to maintain their strength, I will adjust to three kilometers, and then finish the steps some explosive training. "

When asked how to understand the collision and acrobatic ballet "Swan Lake", Zhou Jie believes that the acrobatics and ballet fused to a play is a bold attempt and innovation. Acrobatics is an artistic show of strength and skill, and ballet from the West on the contrary, "elegant", "light" is synonymous with it.

"When the acrobatics of ‘force’ and the ballet of ‘beauty’ combined, the two merging will not touch the issue the same effect."

Sun Yi Natan words, the stereotype of the audience, the "risks" and "scared" is synonymous with acrobatics, said did not sound point as well as "soil", when the younger generation of acrobats in the show, but also want to change the hearts of the audience the acrobatics of "bias."

"When combined with ballet and acrobatics, both played a very good complementary.

The acrobatic ballet show richer skills, but also gives agile ballet of acrobatic movement.

In the process of integration into the ballet training exercise in acrobatics will also play a role in limb lengthening line of acrobats, acrobatic body language to enhance the beauty.

"Sun Yi Na said. Stage for a minute, audience ten years. On the stage, Na and Sun Yi Zhou Jie act in harmony, perfect to complete dozens of sets of difficult acrobatic movements. Behind the 130-minute show, a day after they day, year after year of hard training in exchange for results.

"Dry acrobatics line, you can not complain.

"Zhou Jie said.

When the lights come up on the stage, the applause sounded at the stage when they flow through the sweat of training, eating the bitter, suffered the injury seemed to vanish in a moment.

As their understanding on the stage with the same, when asked about future plans, both said, "as long as there is the stage, just below the audience, would have been to jump off." The world around, the lens of Shaanxi people.