Sanya police knocked off a network of 6 provinces of drug trafficking electronic smokers

Original title: 37 reporters who arrested the suspect were learned from the Hainan Provincial Anti-Drug Office on the 14th that Sanya police have recently been directed by the Ministry of Public Security Anti-drug bureau, Hainan Provincial Public Security Department Anti-Drug Corps, jointly in Henan, Hunan, Hebei, Shanghai, etc. Public security organsCracked a drug target case of the Ministry of Public Security, and arrested 37 suspects, destroying 2 poisonous factories, and seized more than 100 kilograms of the synthetic cannabinin finished product, the poisonous butter oil was 2 kg, and the freezing involved in the case was nearly 2.7 million yuan, and oneIt involves the traditional drug trafficking network in six provinces.Currently, the case is under further investigation.According to Xinhua News Agency (Editor: Luo Wei, Zhang Hua Wei) Sharing more people see.