"Endorsement of 70 · Congcheng Free Trade" – Celebrate Hainan Liberation 70 Anniversary Haikou Picture Exhibition

People’s Daily reporters pass the 160 precious historical lens divided into new students, history, reform, leaping three chapters. "Newborn" chapter presents the history of the Qiongya revolutionary struggle of "23rd Red Flags" and the History of the People’s Waving, which shows the liberation of the Hainan people to overthrow the old regime. The "History · Reform" chapter shows the development, construction, development history of the new regime after the liberation of Hainan, especially the great process of reform and opening up in the provincial business special zone. The "Crossing" chapter describes the party’s 18th National Congress, especially after the construction of the Hainan Free Trade Test Area and the Self Trade Port, Haikou City is in the guidance of the socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics in Xi Jinping, in accordance with the concept of new development. High quality development requirements, closely rounding the development of the Hainan "three districts and one center", grab the major development opportunities, and constantly build a new platform for the opening of the outside world, create a new realm of investment, cultivate the development of the industry, and seek new breakthroughs in the business environment In the practice of building Hainan Free Trade Test Area and Training Port, the Pioneer is doing a good look.

On the spot, there is also a chapter of Haikou 70 years. It shows that Haikou has a large across Haikou, and the special industry has rapidly grows rapidly. The infrastructure is constantly improved. The ecological protection has achieved remarkable. Cultural undertakings are booming.