The United States should be responsible for infringing the human rights of Afghanistan

  Wang Wei, China Institute of International Research, April 24, China’s Geneva Office in the United Nations, and other representatives of the Swiss International Organization, Chen Xu, said that the United States has played military interference with the "Democracy" flag, and put its own model strongly Afghanistan, seriously damaging the integrity of Auntie and Territory, brought a deep disaster to the people, urged the United Nations to investigate the crimes of human rights in Afghanistan.

This appeal is supported by Cuba, Venezuela, Iran and other countries.

  In the past 20 years, the war launched by the United States has caused harmful damage to Afghanistan, which seriously infringes the human rights of the people. According to the Data of Watson International and Public Affairs, Brown University, as of April 2021, more than 240,000 people died directly from the Afghan war, including Wan many of Afghanistan. The war in the year has caused serious blow to the Afghan economy, aggravating poverty, malnutrition, health care, environmental degradation, etc.

The United Nations reported in December 2020 showed that nearly half of the Afghan children were seriously malnutrition.

War and poverty caused social turmoil, at least 2.7 million Afghans became refugees due to foreign countries, and 4 million people were displaced in China. Compared with the crime of Afghanistan, the hypocrisy and double standards of the "Human Rights Guard" are more exposed.

The United States has violently struck Afghanistan, causing a large number of civilian casualties; American soldiers have been exposed to Afghan prisoners, insult Taliban’s bodies. The International Criminal Court Prosecutor Form Ben Tuda once announced the investigation of war crimes committed in Afghanistan and the crime of harming humanity, saying that there is evidence that the US military has implemented torture, abuse, infringement of personal dignity or rape for Afghan prisoners. But it was sanctions in the United States.

The United States, etc., in the United States, to launch a war, but in conjunction with terrorist organizations such as "Islamic", "Islamic State". It has grown in Afghanistan. Afghan War has increased A terrorist organization to more than 20 positions, and nearly 10,000 foreign terrorists, the terrorist threat of A.

  All of the above is the United States, etc. in Afghanistan violations of human rights blood, and it has also proved that the United States and other superstitious power, and the "democratic system output" is destined to fail. The United States launches war, destroys the social, economic, people’s livelihood, and then rebuilt Afghanistan with American "democracy", making A become a test site in the world in accordance with their own model.

It turns out that the United States uses "democracy" "human rights" as tools, not to take practical and people’s public opinion, simple and rude to promote the American democratic system, will only cause humanitarian crisis, is naked interferenceism.

The United States has borrowed the fight against the war, expanding the military existence in Afghanistan, attempted to control the "heart zone" in Central Asia, strategically enclose Russia and China, and its true purpose is to better maintain its hegemony. On August 26, a terrorist attack occurred outside of Afghan Kaul Airport. According to the Afghan media report, the attack has killed 170 people.

In the face of the turmoil in Afghanistan, some politicians in the United States, the media only remember their own interests, and completely reflect on their own crimes, and even launched the legality of the War of Afghanistan. In the United States, they are beginning to panpo, the White House, Pentagon, and intelligence officers have shocked their responsibilities. The Republican Party and the former President Trump criticized the Tour of the Government of the Giden government decided to take the opportunity to question their governance.

Biden attempted to push the responsibility to the Afghan government, claiming that the Arms and the police are unreliable, and the antennas has serious corruption, resulting in its failure to protect the Afghan people.

The Afghan people are suffering from suffering, but the United States is in order to maintain the interests of the party and the hegemony. The international community will not forget the hegemonic behavior of the United States in Afghanistan.

China’s representative calls for remind people that the Afghan people have suffered a deep disaster, facing uncertain future, US, etc. must be responsible for this.