Tianjin Hongqiao Firefighting In-depth into the community "small fire" fire promotion activities

The Fire Rescue Detachment of the Hongqiao District of Tianjin City "For the People’s Treatment" is launched a fire safety publicity.

The fire rescue detachment of Hongqiao District is drafted in the autumn and winter season, the climate is dry, and the electricity consumption is increased. It has always been a high season season. In order to popularize fire safety knowledge, the continuous improvement of the people’s achievements, enhance the fire self-defense ability of residents, recently, the "Fighting Rescue Detachment" of the Tianjin Hongqiao District "for the People’s Labor" conducts fire safety publicity activities for community key people. Hongqiao detachment is aimed at problems such as more older people in the jurisdiction, weak escape capacity, large stocks, and resident safety awareness, and the community jointly formulate the "Resident Fire Convention", and in the entrance of the community building, publicity column, elevator The hunger position is widely posted, helping the residents consciously abide by the requirements of the Convention, check the home internal electrical line, consciously check the fire around the side, pay attention to keep the fire passage, boycotting the electric bicycle into the building, illegally charging, and advocating residents Pay attention to fire safety and jointly guard the community fire safety. At the same time, the full-time propaganda group widespread publicity information such as "a letter to the residents of the people’s fire safety", and explains how to prevent family fires for residents, how to correct the "119" alarm phone, how to extinguish fire safety knowledge such as fires And surrounding the feature of the autumn and winter season, for the masses explained in detail the safety of safety and electricity, reminding the masses to effectively enhance fire awareness, master family fire prevention and escape self-help common sense, to avoid "small fires" accident occur. Next, the Hongqiao detachment will continue to carry out "I do practical things for the masses" activities, and launched the "Wanjia" activities "for private practical fire prevention and promotion", bringing fire safety common sense to thousands of households, and promoting fire prevention and control of the jurisdiction Work steadily development. (Editor: Zhang Jingqi, Cui Xinyao) Sharing let more people see.