The National People’s Congress representative Liu Wei Dynasty: comprehensive popularity high school education launched a general-time parallel training mode

People’s Network Changsha, March 7th "In the process of popularizing high school education, ordinary high school education and secondary vocational education are like two wings of birds, it is not possible.

"During the two sessions of the National People’s Congress, the National People’s Congress, the deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the Yaichi Middle School, Hunan Province, suggested that the high school stage will be fully implemented.

Liu Wei believes that the current "general-time division" policy policy is implemented in my country’s secondary education stage, and after graduating from the students, it is diverted according to the results of the senior high school entrance examination.

With the social production service, the integrated demand for talents and "application" skills is continuously improved, and the two-track model of general education and vocational education in the current secondary education highlights many problems.

In his opinion, there is a type difference and time difference in individual intellectual development. When you graduate from junior high school, students will enforce students, form a value gap between academic talents and technical talents, leading to the social public to hold a serious prejudice for vocational education.

In addition, the cutting between "cultural" and "skills" between ordinary high school and secondary vocational education, leading to the development of the learner, it is difficult to meet the needs of social development on talents.

In this regard, the Liu Weichao suggested that the general high school education and reform the structure of the secondary vocational education. Adjust the regular high school enrollment policy, expand the scale of the regular high school enrollment, the new increase in the number of ordinary high school schools, etc. The junior high school graduates are based on the results of the senior high school entrance examination, and individual volunteers will rise to different ordinary high school schools.

At the same time, change the traditional Chinese specialty, professional medium specialty, adult secondary school, professional high school, long-term coexistence of secondary vocational education, long-term coexistence of the technical school, through top design, resource integration, etc., create high three Quality Secondary Vocational Education Schools in the Education Starting Point, and the school system is two years. He also mentioned that in full launch of a general-time parallel training mode, ensuring the accuracy of talent training.

All students have passed the high school qualifier examination, after obtaining ordinary high school graduation, according to the students’ own independent declaration, division in the direction of ordinary universities and the two channels in the direction of the vocational skills.

Call the development channel of secondary vocational education schools to promote the cultivation of secondary vocational skills.

Executive, Liu Wei Dynasty, "Let the secondary vocational education school graduates voluntarily participate in the national organized higher education enrollment examinations, and participate in the professional skills undergraduate, the professional skills", and the enrollment admissions of the specialist colleges. "He said It should accelerate the construction of professional skills colleges and universities, develop space development space, according to national development needs to establish a master’s degree in some professionalism, and focus on cultivating high-end technical talents in the industry to promote high quality training of vocational skills. (He Meng) (Editor: Luo Shuai, Peng Yingbing).