Dragon Boat Festival Sichuan A-level scenic spot welcomes more than 893 million red tourism continues to heat up

  On June 14th, the Dragon Boat Festival is over, and the reporter learned from the Sichuan Provincial Wenke Hall that the 3-day holiday is included in the province’s 434 A-level tourist scenic spots to receive 10,000 visitors, and the ticket income is 10,000 yuan.

  Some key scenic spots receive visitors and ticket income with the same caliber to grow by 2020; compared with the same period of 2019, the reception tourists return to% and ticket revenue growth.

The province library, cultural museum, and museums receive 10,000 people.

  Red tourism continues to heat up. Around the 100th anniversary of the celebration, all localities have launched a red tourist route, carry out cultural activities in form, and have a variety of cultural activities.

3 days holiday, the province’s red tourism scenic spot receiving 10,000 visitors, achieving ticket income, increased by 100% and% year-on-year. The traditional folk cultural activities are exciting. Around 2021 Cultural and Natural Heritage Day, the province held a non-legacy propaganda display activity that combined with 230 post-off lines. Chengdu organized five topics such as folk exhibitions in more than 80 field travel activities.

Leshan fully demonstrates Eme martial arts, Muchuan Grand Dragon and other countries and provincial intangible cultural heritage. The cultural brand "leader" is obvious.

Samsung Pile Museum continues to be hot, receive 10,000 visitors, ticket income is 10,000 yuan; Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Research Base receives 10,000 visitors, ticket income is 10,000 yuan.

The province’s 15 5A-level tourist scenic spots accumulated tourists and 10,000 tickets, accounting for 10% and% of the province’s A-level tourist scenic spot, respectively.

(Reporter Yang Yiwei).