Digital blessing Hangzhou Jiande Sandu citrus producing income is nearly 1500 pounds

  At present, the construction of citrus digital agricultural demonstration park in Sansu Town has achieved initial results.

"The temperature in the greenhouse is too high, I can remotely open the ventilation function of the greenhouses; when the temperature is too low, it is necessary to remotely open the heating equipment, improve the temperature inside the greenhouse, prevent citrus to frost.

"Sandu Zhenzhou Wang Jiantang, Wang Jianguang, said that the farm has invested more than 700,000 yuan in the farm invested more than 700,000 yuan for the construction of citrus digital agricultural demonstration park. He successively built a small weather station, temperature and humidity environment automatic monitoring and water fertilizer one The equipment and other facilities equipment, you can master the environmental situation of the farm, and the technical management of the farm is derived according to the changes in the environment. According to the relevant technical personnel, today, in three Among the citrus digital agricultural demonstration parks of the town, farmers can implement technical means for integrated control, environmental digital monitoring, pre-(report) police (control). Automatic control, video surveillance and intelligent warning of citrus planting.