good news! Beijing Shougang’s "Steel View Room" hotel is about to open

Adjacent to the first steel skiing platform, as the Shougang Shangri-La Hotel, one of the official reception hotels in Beijing 2022, is about to be unveiled. The reporter visited the scene yesterday that the hotel is currently working in the final layout, will be officially opened in December and put into operation, providing high quality service guarantee for the first steel park Beijing Winter Olympics.

The Shougang Shangri-La Hotel project is located in the original steel power plant position. It is one of the supporting projects of Shougang Ski Great Ground, and the project is hired by a famous building design of Italian, build a five-star hotel.

The project is located in the core area of ??the first steel garden. Sitting in Shijingshan and the group of group landscapes, adjacent to the Winter Olympics Ski Daxie and the national team winter training center, there are 283 rooms, and can accommodate more than 500 people.

From the hotel entry into the lobby, guests seem to come to a tropical rainforest, the warm air come, all kinds of plants will have a lobby to greenery.

We plant more than a dozen green plants suitable for room temperature in the lobby area, which symbolizes the idea of ??hugging all local guests with green arms.

The assistant section of the Minister of the First Steel Project Construction is not said.

Green is not reflected in the lobby, green planting, green energy-saving technology makes this hotel smarter. The hotel curtain wall consists of two laminated spaces by three-layer glass, and winter can be insulated in summer, close to the windows of the windows, and reduce the air conditioning energy consumption of the lobby as much as possible.

The factory structure of the old power plant, the industrial equipment such as steam turbine is completely reserved, and several concrete columns are still retained, and only rinsing does not do. Some steel structures in the factory have been dismantled and reinstated, adding new vitality to old industrial buildings.

According to reports, after the Beijing Winter Olympics, the hotel also plans to carry out the construction of the second phase of the project and will add more suites and specialty restaurants. (Original title: Shougang Park Winter Olympics Reception Hotel is about to open) Source: Beijing Daily reporter Pan Fuda Process Editor: U022.