Full of feelings

"Through this class, let me know that not only the family is in love with us, there is law in maintaining and protecting us. In the future, I will learn it carefully, understand it, obey it, and go to propagate it. After the end of the rule of law, Zhao Yang Rui, a 14th Middle School, Liu Panshui City. Since the study of party history, since the People’s Procuratorate of Zhongshan District and the District Education Bureau established a collaborative mechanism to actively carry out the prosecutor to send a law to campus activities, and 32 procuratorates or prosecutors of the District Procuratorate serve as a deputy principal of 88 primary and secondary schools in the region. "Zero Distance" launched a rule of law, so that students will accept the rule of law in the rule of law. In order to care for the next generation, help children achieve the "mental wish", the city’s party members and cadres actively participate in the "dreamy" party members volunteer service activities, send school bags, table lamps, watercolor pen and other wishful gifts for remote areas, difficult family students Books, football, basketball and other cultural supplies, help rural adolescent children’s exercise growth. "My grandson has a new bag and stationery box, I am happy, saying to study hard and repay those love people.

"In the Six Sanzhi Shui Town Primary School, a left-behind elderly who read a book at home was pleased. This year, Wang Yuxian, a university, because his father is disability, his sister is studying university, and the family has not been able to bear high tuition fees. The idea of ??giving up the studies. Yang Xiulong, the class teacher, reflected his situation in time after home, the school branch took the lead, contacting the love people donated RMB 10,000 yuan, helping Wang Yu’s first university dream.

Wang Yuxi stratetically said: "Thanks to those who helped me, I must study hard, remember the kindness, return the society." The Six SAR Traffic Bureau learned about the villagers of Wulong Village, Kowloon Street After the inconvenience of the child school, the lead organization has led the relevant departments to jointly investigate, and opened the bus line for Lijiazhai (strawberry base) in Jiulong Street in Jiulong Street. Travel.

The nearby villagers agree that it is difficult to guarantee that you can pick up your child on time, and you are also worried about the safety of your child’s up and down, there is a 7-way bus, and the child does not have to worry about it.