Beijing Yanqing 53,000 square meters green dress, Winter Olympics

Original title: Wanpingmi Green Dressing Winter Olympic Ecological Avenue This newspaper (Reporter Li Yao) The footage of Beijing Winter Olympics is getting closer, at present, Yanqing District is a multi-segment of Winter Olympics such as Jingyin Road, Song Yan Road, Xiaoxia Road. Wanted to ensure that there are 10,000 square meters of green landscaping, and a section of Eco-Avenue with Winter Olympics will meet the eight party.

Jingyin Road is a national road. It is built in the 1980s, the general length of Yanqing District is nearly 32 kilometers, of which nearly 23 kilometers as the road section of Yingbin Avenue, from Mijiabao, Yanjiabao, Yanqing, Winter Town The mountain camp is located. Last year, Yanqing Highway Branch laying asphalt pavement on the road, optimizing the village road sections, the application of traffic labels, increased logo signs and monitoring equipment, enhances the environment along the environment, to create a beautiful scenery leading to the core of the Winter Olympics.

Yanqing Highway Branch also conducted different degrees of trimming and renovation of Song Yan Road, Xiao Da Road, and Hao Dragon Dragon Temple Road and other Winter Olympics, fully laid the pavement, updated security facilities and marker lines, and green landscaping . Yanqing also built Song Yan Road to become a wisdom of Winter Olympics.

Songyan Road in the world is the only way to enter and except the Jingli Expressway. Song Yan Road is located in the mountainous area. There are 116 S-shaped and u-shaped bends. These 116 have more than 20 easy-to-ice road sections, and the Yanqing Highway Branch has installed 99 safe warning equipment to help the driver "smart" avoidance. On the top right bank of the collapse hidden danger, the disaster recognition warning system is deployed, and the monitoring information can be viewed in real time through the mobile app, and the monitoring information can be docked to the designated monitoring platform to ensure that it can be in the first time. Understand the safety changes in the slope.

The Yanqing Division established a district-level transportation guarantee group. Fully promote the preparation of peripheral traffic protection programs and emergency plans, and to organize implementation programs at the time of the day to ensure that the peripheral traffic is smooth. At the time of the game, there will be a registered person and the ticket visitors arrive in the Beijing high-speed rail to Yanqing. In order to do a good job in high-speed rail connection service guarantee, the high-speed rail connector team has developed the high-speed rail station usage program and operation plan to ensure the order of work.

Next, the relevant departments will also set up a bus transportation team of Yanqing Division, tissue vehicles in the day, and assume important responsibilities for transportation services. (Editor: Li Bo, Gao Xing) Share let more people see.