2021 Changsha Yuhua District Science and Technology Activity Week started

People’s Network Changsha May 25th, this afternoon, 2021 Rainflower District Science and Technology Activity Weaching Ceremony and Technology Enterprise Introduction Activities. The event was hosted by the district people’s government, the district science and technology bureau, and the district Economic Development Zone Economic Development Office, the District Education Bureau, the District Compilation Bureau, the Wei Jian Bureau, the District Cooperation and other units jointly co-organized. The scientific and technological activities are exciting, with the theme of "100-year reputation, the Chinese Communist Party leadership technology development", carry out a series of activities such as technology companies to deliver exchanges, corporate technical contract certification and pragmatic lectures, passwords, pictures, videos, etc. In the form, show the development of rainflow science and technology cause, showing a full range of technology "feast" for the audience. The event aims to evoke public attention to technology, participate in science and technology, using science and technology, and enhance the scientific and technological consciousness and technology quality of the whole society, further improve the scientific and technological literacy and work ability of scientific and technological workers, so that technology can better serve economic society. Development and people’s livelihood guarantees. It is reported that in recent years, Yuhua District has accelerated the implementation of innovative driving development strategies, struggling to build a good situation in the country’s first-class strong district, and the economic and social in the whole region maintains sustainable and healthy development.

In 2019, I ranked among the 17th place in "National Comprehensive Competitiveness", "Science and Technology Innovation Baqiang District" 72nd, 2020 Yuhua District "Playing" high-quality development national 100-strong area, ranking central region (Prefecture-level city) first.

Since then, "National Science and Technology Improvement City Assessment Advanced City" "National Science Demonstration Zone" "Changsha City Innovation Unit" "Hunan Technology Market Work Excellent County Municipal Science and Technology Administration Administration Department". (Liu Wentao).