Chaoyang District helps talents fall flowers

In recent years, Chaoyang District has launched a series of talent policies and innovative initiatives, attracting a large group of industries leading characters and "high-precipitant" talents, and promoted regional industrial structure transformation and upgrading, promoting economic social development, forming an important role The good situation of talent development and regional development.

In order to support the innovation development of top talents, Chaoyang District has held overseas student entrepreneurship (OTEC), organized entrepreneurship activities, build resource platforms, and provides policy support for global entrepreneurs, and provides policy support. Internationalized, marketized, specialized overseas students innovative entrepreneurship platform, and fully integrate various marketized resources through the market entities and other market entities, etc., through the General Assembly promotion, project Roadshows, competition ratings, docking, government support, etc., focus on "talents, projects, products, technology, market, capital, policy, space, service", etc. at home and abroad. In the past five years, the Overseas Students’ Entrepreneurship Conference has attracted more than 12,000 entrepreneurs from 20 countries and regions, nearly 3,000 project depth participation, including 150 invites, including true funds, Feima Brigade, etc. Hundreds of entrepreneurial spaces are involved in the competition, supported 125 high-tech, cultural and creative, modern services and other fields, 400 projects found investment through the entrepreneurial meeting, and emerged in black San Fei, the founder of black soil, etc. A series of high-level, high-level, high-level, and certain representative and influential innovation entrepreneurial talents. In addition, October 11, the 2019 college graduate selection program and civil servants hosted by Chaoyang District, Beijing, in the first preaching of colleges and universities, held in Tsinghua University, Tsinghua and some other colleges and universities in Beijing. 300 The rest participated.

At the publication, Chaoyang District announced the first time, the college graduate selection program will be enrolled in 2019, and 10 policy supports such as Beijing, Talent Apartments, special funding, and key training are provided to attract outstanding talents.

It is reported that the Chaoyang District will also conduct the interpretation of the on-site preaching and policy of college graduates in other well-known colleges and universities in Kyranty and other universities, and guide excellent college students to apply for Chaoyang and serve the Chaoyang.

All along, Chaoyang District attaches great importance to the reform of talents development system, and the promotion of talents work mechanisms, improves talent work synergy, and strives to create good ecology for talents. Up to now, the total amount of talented resources in Chaoyang District has a total of 20% of the city, including 148 special experts in the Central "Thousand Talents Plan", 195 people in Beijing, "Sea Ju Project", Chaoyang District "Phoenix Plan" overseas 183 high-level talents (68 entrepreneurships, 115 work categories); 203 international high-end business talents, including 63 business elites, 140 young people.

The eight key talent teams determined by the "13th Five-Year Plan" have developed rapidly, of which 10,000 cultural and creative talents account for more than 1300 national high-tech enterprises, patent applications and authorizations account for the city. The specific gravity reaches 20% and 18%.

Chaoyang Wangjing International Talents Community is one of the pilots of the four capital international talent communities in Beijing, which is a test field for the capital international talent strategy.

Chaoyang District has always firmly leads the development of the development of the development of the development, and continuously evolving the regionalization, internationalization and clustering of talents.