Spirit!The newly built "Street Heart Garden" under the Changning Zhonghuan Bridge is open to the public

Looking at the high place, the entire garden green area is fashionable and bright, just like a small oasis next to the forest, which fits the design theme of the garden "Phantom Oasis".

Entering the garden, the ground of the black and white zebra tattoo echoes the theme of the "zebra" next to it. At the same time, the ingenious and unique colors, the elegant and light form are bright.The citizens who are used to the space under the gray bridge will definitely have a sense of cheerfulness.There are three leaves of flower beds in the center of the Street Heart Garden, which are planted with flower varieties such as Western Rhododendron, Tea Plum, and Mexican sage.Son -colored leaf trees.

The colorful flowers and plants create a scene of spring with flowers and beautiful autumn.