The Central News Agency held a commendation meeting of the winners of the three eight red flag bearers in the country

[Font:] On the afternoon of April 24th, the Central News Agency grandly held a commendation conference on the winners of the three eight red flag bearers in the country.

Jilin, Secretary of the Party Group and First Deputy Dean of the College attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Zhao Fan, deputy secretary of the party group and deputy dean, presided over the meeting and conveyed the spirit of commendation of the National Women’s Federation.

Yuan Sha, member of the party group, deputy dean, Zhu Peifeng, member of the party group, deputy dean, Xu Yongquan, member of the party group and secretary general, and Xu Shaogang, a member of the party group and the chief of the academic affairs, attended the meeting.

On behalf of the party group of Jilin, Du Yufang, the winner of the three eight red flag bearers in the country, and the Marxist theoretical teaching and research department.

At the meeting, Du Yufang reported on the title of "Awe three -foot podium, not forgotten the original intention of joining the job, and strive to be a preacher of the party’s united front."

Du Yufang talked about two experiences in accordance with her actual work: First, she was awe three -foot podium, leaning on politics with academics. Teachers’ most basic responsibilities were to give lectures on the podium. Occupation and responsibility; the second is not to forget the beginning of the employment, strive to contribute to the social court, continue to motivate the motivation, continue to be a good podium for the party, do their best to give back to the social court, and work hard to deal with their own party spirit.

(Du Yufang’s deeds see the report tomorrow) Jilin listened to Du Yufang’s report carefully, and fully affirmed her speech. He pointed out that we must study the party’s theory, the party’s history, and the party’s experience. We must adhere to the unity of the axual and faith.

Comrade Du Yufang’s report brings us a lot of education inspiration, which is very helpful for us to promote the normalization of party history and education and promote and consolidate the "three more" special education results. Comrade Du Yufang’s example tells us that insisting on the unity of knowledge and faith, we must first understand. On the basis of in -depth study and understanding, expressed the esoteric theory in our own language and the language of the public. Apply to practice to solve practical questions and answer the question of practice.

Secondly, we must believe in the truth from the inside mood to talk about some truth that makes students feel. Our belief is to stand up to question, and to be scientific, theoretical, and firm at the same time.

We talk about political theory and political theory to be able to sit upright, pursue a high realm, and unified knowledge and faith. We must keep keeping in mind our mission, strive for excellence, and give full play to the important role of advanced typical and exemplary figure education people, inspiring people, and leading people. It is hoped that the majority of teachers and cadres and employees of the college will take the advanced typical and model figures around them, adhere to the political character of loving the party to report to the country, and firm belief, carry forward the spirit of struggle for professionalism and dedication, and use the dedication of "doing one love and love". , Achieve the excitement of "Drilling One Well".

Jilin emphasized that it is necessary to strengthen the political functions of the party organization and make each party member a bright red banner, and each party branch has become a fighting fortress of the party flag. Continuously implement the general requirements of the party’s construction in the new era, and unswervingly promote the strict and strict governance of the party. We must establish all the work of the party to the distinctive orientation of the branch, and grasp the work of the branch. It is necessary to further consolidate the results of the study and education of the party history, and use the party’s century -old struggle to increase wisdom, increase unity, increase confidence, and enhance fighting spirit. Promoting the normalization of party history learning and education is a long -term important task of Marxist learning party, and it is also the responsibility and mission of the Central Society as a higher -level political college as a united front.

Continuously combine the normalization of party history learning and education with the center work of the center, and conscientiously implement the "Three more" special education achievements formulated by the college’s "promoting the normalization of party history learning and education and consolidating the" three more "special education achievements Further strengthen the work plan of political construction and ideological construction, and transform the effectiveness of party history learning and education into the motivation, measures and results of the entrepreneurial entrepreneurship of the officer. Essence

When chairing the meeting, Zhao Fan said that the commendation conference was determined by the collective study of the party group of the hospital, the purpose was to implement the "three more" special education results on promoting the normalization of party history learning and education, and strengthening the "three more" special education results, further strengthening The work plan of political construction and ideological construction "work in the entire hospital to create a strong and advanced atmosphere of learning and striving to be advanced. It is hoped that the winners of the honor will continue to make new and greater contributions to the school’s teaching and research career; I hope that the majority of faculty and staff will be aligned with the examples around them. All faculty members and some retired cadres attended the commendation conference.