Experts call on the Chinese futures market to build a global pricing center to avoid re -acting in the Nickel incident

A number of domestic futures industry experts said that in the past two years, domestic funds have been frequent in risk accidents in overseas financial markets. In particular, the negative oil prices in the United States and the "demon" were typical in 2020. Among the two incidents, overseas institutions have used rules for loopholes. ""Legal robbery", the malignant operation is obvious.It is necessary to continue to play the efficient role of the futures market in the global resource allocation, improve the internationalization level of my country’s futures market, bigger and stronger domestic futures market, attract more domestic and foreign funds to participate, and form the influence of China’s price influence that is compatible with my country’s economic scale. In order to effectively improve the security, stability, and competitiveness of the industrial chain and supply chain, and to truly effectively avoid the repeat of similar things.Label:.