Create the "School of Junior Sciences" to cultivate "Little Scientists"

Original title: Building "Junior Academy of Sciences" to cultivate "Little Scientist" This newspaper (Reporter Liu Juxing) "Scientific Enlightenment and Interest Training is of great significance to young people. Let teenagers increase their interest in science and enhance the comprehensive development capabilities of science in experience.

"On March 7, Han Baosheng, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Xi’an Municipal People’s Congress, said. What is the" Junior Academy of Sciences "? , Junior Academy of Sciences, Youth Science Club, etc., explore the penetrating training model from basic education to higher education science and technology innovation reserve talents. Our province has also issued implementation plans to implement the work of "carrying out the talents of talents, juveniles, youth science clubs, etc." As one of the five scientific quality improvements in the "Fourteenth Five -Year Plan" period.

In the survey, Han Baosheng learned that in exploring the construction of the "Junior Academy of Sciences", our province has some better experience. For example, the team of experts from universities such as Shaanxi Normal University and Xi’an Jiaotong University cooperated with many primary and secondary schools, teaching and research institutions to practice for many years, and carefully developed an educational innovation project that improved the comprehensive development capabilities of young people -junior academy. This project integrates school science courses, information technology courses, artificial intelligence courses, and comprehensive practice activities. It integrates the school -based curriculum and the field of 6 universities, more than 30 theme modules, more than 200 inquiry experience projects, and introduce the scientific inquiry process of scientists into Classrooms, let students "explore in experience and learn in design", are loved by students. "In the process of practice, the ‘Youth Academy of Sciences’ not only becomes the paradise of students’ science, the key to thinking, but also becomes a practical exploration base for the incubation base and school innovation and development of schools." Han Baosheng believes, Han Baosheng believes that At present, the "Junior Academy of Sciences" has formed a copy -capable landing mode, which has the basic conditions of "dot operation and service". Han Baosheng suggested that the government has planned planning, builds the "Junior Academy of Sciences" regional service outlets, and accelerates the cultivation of talent cultivation of scientific and technological innovation. Specifically, in each county (district) selection of primary and junior high schools with advanced school concepts and high quality of teachers, the government led the construction of the "Junior Academy of Sciences" as the youth science and technology activity center in the region to coordinate the establishment of a team of science and technology education teachers. Let the "Junior Academy of Sciences" become the incubation base for the cultivation of scientific literacy of youth and the cultivation of "small scientists", and become an effective starting point for leading and service regional education innovation and development; make full use of the main positions of primary and secondary schools, and build a "scientific practice activity school base base" Focus on "double reduction", introduce the "Youth Academy of Sciences" to post -class service, cultivate young people scientific inquiry and practical skills, and sow the seeds of science in their hearts. (Responsible editor: Zou Xing, Wei Xin) Share more people see the client download.