First164chapter Prisoner does not kneel,There must be concealment
“who are you!!who are you!!”
“You guy is a monster!!You are evil spirit!!”
now,When the forensics class staff arrived one after another“Machine search”After the police arrived at the scene,What I saw was the bewildering scene in front of me。
Husband of the deceased,Mr. Masao looked at Tang Ze Criminal yelling with horror,Shiratori looks bad next to him。
And as the yelled protagonist Tang Ze Criminal,But with a smile,An indifferent look,I can’t tell that I’m being troubled。
“What’s going on here?”A young criminal from the machine searched at the scene before him,A little confused,“Is that man the owner of this house?…The victim is his wife…”
“Yes,But now this situation…Something is wrong。”A forensics staff next to you touched his chin。
“Are you nonsense?Who hasn’t noticed this situation yet。”The young criminal rolled his eyes and didn’t have a good air。
But to be honest,He is also quite curious。
As“Mobile Search Team”,What happens in general,They are basically the first people who arrived at the scene of the case。
So when I arrived at the crime scene,Haven’t encountered any situation。
Although it’s like a criminal or a detective accidentally being the first discoverer,I haven’t encountered it before。
But like now“Weird”Situational,Really the first time I met。
The first discoverer generally saw the criminal,Don’t say peace of mind,At least you can’t be afraid。
What’s happening here?