Naked girl left from me,She gave me a sure look,Then turned around and disappeared into the darkness,I spit out blood,Depressed inexplicably,It seems that being a hero is really tiring,Both psychological and physical will be brutally tested!

Cao Ma Lian and the foreigners reappear in the open space,At this moment the sound stopped,The lights are also reduced,Cao Ma walked up to me:“Speak,Where is the old yin who hit the gun??”
Chapter Ninety One Mask man
I will tell you what happened when I met the wild man on the cliff,But I didn’t mention Chu Hong and Xiaolong,Not to mention where the savage escaped,I just said that when I was chased,The wild man suddenly disappeared in the woods。
Cao Ma’s face pondered for a moment,Then asked:“How did you meet Curly?”
I talked about meeting Wenru on the beach,As for the other questions, I don’t know.,Asked for a long time,Cao Ma’s face nodded:“alright,Today we talked about here,You have to do a polygraph tomorrow,I can’t believe you guys。”
Cao Ma smiled gloomily again:“You should have said it earlier,At least you lose two teeth。”
Cao Ma Lian ordered them to put me in a cage,A few foreigners untied me,Tied me up again,And pushed me into the cave,Walked for a long time in the aisle between the densely packed cargo boxes,I found a row of huge iron cages as high as one person on the wall of the cave,Seven or eight people are imprisoned in each iron cage!
I counted,There are almost twenty iron cages!
Probably because of the night,Most of the people in the iron cage are asleep,Only a few people in the nearby iron cage looked at me with tired and numb eyes,Look at their filthy clothes,Estimated to be held for a long time。
The scene in front of me is very shocking,Could this group of people be passenger ship survivors like us??
Open the iron gate,The foreigner stuffed me into one of the iron cages,A sour smell comes from inside,It makes people want to vomit。
I endure desperately,I found a corner in the iron cage to sit down,The iron cage is big,The size of a container,It is estimated that the original intention of transporting this thing to the island was not to shut people down, right?。
About five people were held in the iron cage,There is a sleeping old man,Looks pale,I’m probably a hand old。
A middle-aged man,Bearded,Sitting by the iron cage with arms crossed, eyes closed,There are two young people in their early twenties,Since i came in,They stared at me tightly,There is a thinner man left,He wore a strange big hat and sat in the corner of the iron cage,The hat hides his face,Can’t see his appearance。
I just sat down,The two young men walked up,One of the sounds is fierce:“who are you?How did you come in?”
I covered my mouth,Looked up at him,I don’t want to answer him at all,Because my gums are sore,The anger caused by the pain is still raging in my heart,That young man is angry:“Don’t give you a face?I think you want to die!”
The young man rushed up and wanted to hit me,I was so angry,I was looking for someone to vent,So he came over with his fist,I also punched him in the face,So we fight together,Another young man also punched and kicked me。
Everyone wants to fuck me!Is it that Lao Tzu is easy to bully??