After Tang Ze learned about it from Ayako,,The first reaction was daunting。

Then he quickly realized,This seems to be the normal operation in the home of my rich white beauty friend!
Mainly because Ayako and him date like ordinary people,So although Tang Ze knows that Ayako is the daughter of the Suzuki family,,Also know the strength of the Suzuki family from the anime。
But it always feels unreal。
And now,Tang Ze felt real at this moment。
But then,Tang Ze rejected Tomoko’s kindness,Let Ayako take over,Because he was faintly aware of Tomoko Suzuki’s intention。
This gift is not simple!Conspiracy!!Tang Ze saw through Tomoko Suzuki’s other intentions。
Although I haven’t been here yet,I’m really satisfied with him as Ayako’s husband。
But this premise is probably“Home son-in-law”Satisfaction…
This is not a guess,Factual reasoning。
Neon already has the most sound adult adoption system,One of them is to facilitate entry。
Compared to blood,More important is the family name,This is a custom that has been passed down during the Warring States Period。
Although I don’t take it so seriously now,But like the upper class politics、Consortium,The man enters as the son-in-law“Wealthy”Is not uncommon。
Such as in politics,If there is only one girl at home,Then they will choose capable,But a man who has no political resources serves as a door-to-door son-in-law。
So one party has an heir,The ability of one party is supported by resources,If the two sides are in harmony, both sides benefit。
And some are to maintain the family business,Avoid your son’s prodigal family and let the family business go bankrupt,If you have a daughter at this time,It is also a good choice to hire a door-to-door son-in-law with stronger business talents to maintain the family business。
Look at Suzuki’s house again,Two daughters without a boy。
So now the eldest daughter is in love with herself,And I am slightly“Shameless”It’s okay to brag about being good enough。