Tyrannosaurus asked the experts to quickly analyze this substance,So the experts live up to the expectations of Tyrannosaurus,Soon the wonderful substance was refined,In the process of refining, I also accidentally discovered,These corpses have a wonderful fusion with the island soil,Combine those refined flesh and blood with soil,Actually produces a lot of skin gum,And these things can be eaten as food,It also has a pretty good taste and satiety,of course,The safety of this thing needs to be observed。

In order to save consumption,Tyrannosaurus asked them to make skin gelatin from the used corpses for these survivors to eat,For long-term supply,Tyrannosaurus also arranged for a group of members to enter the inner island as a hunting group,Specifically hunt those island animals。Tyrannosaurus also set a time for them,Must return to the station every Monday,You have to come back and report whether you have animals or not。
I asked the assistant if he still had the refined stuff,The assistant hesitated for a long time,Finally, a small white box was carefully turned out from the locked iron cabinet,Open the box,Inside are two corn-sized red transparent balls。
The assistant smiled awkwardly at me:”Sorry Ha Zhao brother,I hid this thing quietly,I dare not let them know,If you find it hidden,Tyrannosaurus is going to shoot me,Brother Zhao,This thing is baby,You can gain explosive power after eating it,Although the explosive power is only a short time,But it’s also scary。“
Holding the box, my heart whispered,So I asked the assistant:”How many pills did you make,Did these pills go to the inner island??“
”Yes!Before the Tyrannosaurus went deep into the inner island,We worked overtime and developed more than two hundred pills,Those pills were all taken by Tyrannosaurus,The hunting team will bring the corpses every Monday,Then we give them the pill we made before,Now there are about 400 pills, right?,They will send someone to bring pills and supplies,Go to the inner island to contact Tyrannosaurus。“
Assistant doesn’t seem to lie,Holding the pill I was lost in thought,I’ll give this thing to Ouyang,Make him bold。
Now that I got the answer,I won’t bother other professors,Suddenly I was a little worried on the way back to the tent,I haven’t seen Monkey King for a long time,Will it be killed by the hunting team??I feel a little nervous thinking about this,Insomnia after returning to the tent。
Finally got up till dawn,After breakfast,I asked Lu Xiong to arrange some manpower to wait for the hunting crew to come back,Take them down when the time comes,Lu Xiong smiled:”Brother Zhao, don’t worry,I already knew this,I arranged for someone to ambush them once last week,But they never show up,As long as they come back this time,I promise that none of them will escape。“
It seems that Lu Xiong has more thoughts than me!I can’t help giving him a thumbs up。
Then there is a long wait,I am looking forward to those hunting members,I would like to see what dead animals they brought。
Chapter One Hundred and Thirty Two Understory tracking
The survivors expressed their gratitude to me,Eating that slimy stuff for so long,Everyone is tired of eating,Now finally improved life,Everyone ate rice and canned meat!
And it’s us who made these changes,Lu Xiong took the trouble to publicize our credit,So these survivors are grateful to us。Actually in my opinion,This is just borrowing flowers to offer Buddha,After all, these supplies belong to Guo Datong,I just pass it,Seems to be the leader. The guide feels cool。
This is a long day,Our wait is still fruitless,Darkening,Those who lurked halfway are also back,Lu Xiong analyzed that,The hunting team has been notified,Maybe they have already rendezvoused with the people in Cao Ma’s face and went to the inner island。
Looking at the dim sky,Suddenly think of Ouyang left in the abandoned area,I made up my mind,Just run in the dark,After all, Ouyang didn’t wait for me,He will be flustered,I have to reassure him,By the way to find out the situation。Although this trip is a bit dangerous,But still a necessary decision。