What is the source of income、What is the daily contact person、Is there anything suspicious?,Everything will be investigated for you in great detail。

If I’m an otaku every day,Let people put their eyes on the mansion of Dr. Akasa,It’s dangerous。
Don’t mention Dr. A Li’s house,How safe and concealed is the basement of Huiyuan research drug,But I don’t think it can stand up to those interested in investigating over and over again。
And Conan doesn’t need to hide his identity in that place,Daily conversations are very casual,Maybe it will be exposed someday。
Rather than let her hide in the house of Dr. Akasa,Make investigation difficult for doubters。
It’s better to show up in front of others,Provide convenient access to investigations。
And the more so,The less you can investigate,Because whether it’s life or work,All without any flaws。
And just check the background,Tang Ze already arranged everything。
“Sakurada Narumi”Previous experience,As time goes by,It will only become a bunch of simple data in the electronic database。
Even if it is investigated,Just use it as a background board to look at the past situation,Rather than say that is what Tang Ze wants the investigator to see。
Because that is to enter official data,Reliable and accurate intelligence from the source,No one will doubt。
But if you go deeper,On the contrary, it will reveal flaws。
So there must be a place to attract investigators,Divert the other’s attention,For example, you can get in touch with you daily,So as to cover up the only“lifeline”。
Tang Zerang“Sakurada Narumi”Be your own editor,Put it on your own“look”under,Is also a deterrent。
If someone really did a kidnapping investigation,I have to weigh and provoke Tang Ze“Criminal”s consequence。
Wait to make money,Tang Ze is also ready to let the other party rent out the Kudo’s new residence.,At that time, I can further divert attention。
But now,Everything has to be done step by step…
“Bell bell bell~~”
Just when Tang Ze was sitting in the lobby holding newspapers,The ringtone of the phone wakes it up。